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YCY Garments Sdn Bhd

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T-Shirt with Totally Protected Animals of Sarawak


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We are manufacturer of Quality T-Shirts with Silkscreen Printing of Totally Protected Animals of Sarawak, Malaysia. (Borneo Island)

  • Materials - Cotton, Teteron Cotton and Lacoste etc.
  • Minimum Order - 20 dozen per design.
  • Price - FOB Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia at USD7.00 each.
  • Term of payment - CASH with Order.
  • Delivery - Within 21 days from the date of receipt of order.

Please fill in the Inquiries Form and choose from the designs available below (Please specify your order by the animal's name),   or fax your requirement with design to us at 60-082-425750. We will attend to your inquiries immediately


anabull1.gif (2533 bytes)    Totally Protected Animals of Sarawak

WrinkledHornbill.jpg (9978 bytes)   RhinocerosHornbill.jpg (11361 bytes)   HelmetHornbill.jpg (11001 bytes)

OrangUtan.jpg (26336 bytes)  ProboscisMky.jpg (17556 bytes)  Maroon.jpg (13358 bytes)

CloudedLeopard.jpg (18445 bytes)  MarbledCat.jpg (13953 bytes)

FishEagle.jpg (10139 bytes) Pheasant.jpg (9860 bytes) PeacockPheasant.jpg (9590 bytes)Pittas.jpg (10665 bytes)   NakedBat.jpg (7635 bytes)

GrdSquirrel.jpg (11203 bytes)   Tarsier.jpg (8637 bytes)   SlowLoris.jpg (10653 bytes)
Terrapin.jpg (9134 bytes)   MarineTurtle.jpg (18881 bytes)       Dugong.jpg (11897 bytes)     Whale.jpg (17267 bytes)

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anabull1.gif (2533 bytes)     YCY Profile

The company started its operation in 1980 as a Division of YCY Sendirian Berhad, a trading company dealing in engineering products. YCY Garments Sdn Bhd was formed to take over the business of the T-shirts division in 1992.

The Garments manufacturing license was approved and given to the company by the Industrial Coordination Committee (ICC) of the Ministry of Industrial Development, Sarawak in 1983.

Over the years, the company steadily carry on its business on a positive learning curve. Slowly the company increased its production lines, gaining respectable level of market acceptance and improving the quality of its manpower and technical know-how to a comfortable level.

Today, YCY Garments Sdn Bhd is operating out of its own 4 storey shophouse and is being recognised state-wide as a good and reliable supplier of garments, especially T-shirts and sportwears to the government departments, statutory bodies and the private sector organisations.


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Sarawak Silver Cultural Arts Maker

anabull1.gif (2533 bytes)     Contacts

YCY Garments Sdn Bhd
2nd Floor, Lot 7408, Section 64,
Jalan Simpang Tiga
93300 Kuching, Sarawak,
Telephone: 6082-428625
Handphone: 010-8878373
Fax: 6082-425750

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