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1. Do the Bluff cards have to be face down in order to use "Langly"?

2. Certain Agents have a Game Effect in which they can have a Resource token and it gets replenished during the Briefing phases. Does this token come from your Resource pool total or is it free?

3. A site has 2 or more Bluffs under it and the first one ends the Site investigation; can the other ones also be played?

4. Does the 60 card minimum deck include your Agents and X-File in the total ( e.g. 4 Agents, 1 X-File, plus 55 or 60 deck cards )?

5. Can Combat cards like "First Aid" be played when there is no Adversary Combat ( such as "Poltergeist Attack )?

6. Must there be at least 2 Agents to use "Teamwork"?

7. Since "Agent Janus"'s Game Effect states "In addition, ...", does "Agent Janus" have to use his Resource token before he can heal one point of damage on another Agent?

8. Does a Resource token that is placed on an Agent pay for the whole card or subtract 1 Resource point to the total cost of that card?

9. Can you take a guess at your opponent's X-File if you received a "no" answer to the Characteristic question?

10. Since "Ceremony" is played in the field, can the damaged Agent still contribute skills since he/her is still in the field?

11. Does "Assassinated" give the owning player the ability to gain a permanent skill increase of +1 to his/her Agent ( It is a Conspiracy card. )?

12. Five cards give Training to an Agent in the Bureau. Does the increased ability stay in effect for only the next turn, once only when needed, or like a resource - the ability stays?

13. "Evidence Overlooked" is a Resource card and it states "to the site skill check". Can that be interpreted as "to a site skill check"?

14. Are Adversaries still affected by Long Range Combat if they have "N/A" for their L.R.C.?

15. Can an Agent choose to go to the Hospital during a Site investiagation if he/she gets injured during Combat at that site ( not enough to be automatically sent there ) or do they need to wait for the Deployment phase?

16. Does "Cellular Phone" allow a damaged Agent in the Hospital contribute skills to a skill check?

17. Can "Travel Arrangements" move a damaged Agent from the Hospital to the field to contribute skills or must they be healed to the set Health in order to leave the Hospital?

18. Must you be the Active player in order to use the Game Effects on Agents? Must Agents be in the field in order to use their Game Effects?

19. If you use "Albert Hosteen"'s Game Effect and your opponent has two of that same card in their deck, does the effect hold true for both cards or just the first one that is played?

20. Is "Poltergeist Attack" attackable? Or must you use some special card that will alow you to attack it?

21. Can "Unexplainable Time Loss" be negated? If the team does not make the skill check, does the player's turn end immediately even if they have sites unresolved, therefore they can not play cards like "No One So Paranoid" or "Frohike"?

22. When could an active player use the card "Mrs. Mulder"? Since the card has two seperate Activators (Alien Investigation and Behavioral), there are no sites that have both of those as Keywords.