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Must See Sites
For Sale (Dealers, Sellers, & Stores)
Traders & Swaps

Must See Sites

CCG Workshop ( Play X-Files CCG online !!! - Revised )
Office of The Lone Gunman ( great autograph section )
X-Files CCG New Expansion Set
Board Game Geek X-Files CCG Page
Drakonskyr's Page ( trading & info. )
Official X-Files Site ( now home for all Fox Home Entertainment )
Dean Haglund's Page ( Langly from the show - Revised )
X-Files for Beginner's ( Good place to start )
The #1 Yahoo X-Files CCG Club
TheX-FilesCCGClub Yahoo Group
thexfilesccg Yahoo Group
German rules site ( AUF DEUTSCH - in German )
The House of Checklists ( Main )
The House of Checklists ( 1 )
The House of Checklists ( 2 )
The House of Checklists ( 3 )
French sample decks & rules ( DANS FRANCAIS - in French )
Sample decks & more
Drakonskyr's Personal CCG Club
Dax's Domain ( CCG , autographs of the TV show stars, and more )
Jochen's Page ( AUF DEUTSCH - in German; trading & rules )
Lawrence's website ( Check the X-File Combo's section )
Lawrence's website ( Check the X-File Combo's section - another version of the one above )
X-Files Fan Site ( IN HET NEDERLANDS - in Dutch )
Game Headquarters ( supports gamers and events in Oklahoma City, OK U.S.A. )
Tolen Mar Collection
Science Fiction Weekly Review
The Game Report Online Review
The Game Cabinet Review
Play Away Review
The X-Files CCG ( great fake cards )
Monika's Page ( WOW - Card fonts, checklists, ... )
Donna's collection
Card game lists
The Lonegunmen HQ
The Lonegunmen HQ ( another version of the one above )
ORIGINS and GENCON 1999 !!!!!!!!!
Web Counter's Page ( Great fake cards !! )
Shadow Syndicate ( All the news )
Endgame ( covers the end of an era )
Mania ( Great articles - go to Search - Articles - CCG )
X-Files CCG ( DANS FRANCAIS - in French, rules & lists - awesome! )
Updated version of above site
X-Files CCG Yahoo Club
Collectible Card Games Yahoo Club
X-Files and Star Wars CCG Yahoo Club
The Lone Gunman Yahoo Club
The X-Files RPG and CCG
Morten's Page

For Sale (Dealers, Sellers, & Stores)

House Atreides (Revised)
X-Files Vault ( Revised )
Supreme Cards
Paul & Judy's (Revised)
New Age Comics & Cards (Revised)
Fanboy's Site (Revised)
AGG Sportscards & Collectibles
Hill's Wholesale Gaming
The Edge-Man (Revised)
Voyager Promotions ( was )
The X-Files Total Resource (Lots of very rare items)
Galactic Highway
CCG Heaven
Iguana's Cards
Pleszko's Site
TekBird's Site
Skowronski's Site
TNC Universe (now Quality Collectibles)
Myrra Games (Retired)
Kat's Cards & Collectibles
Collectable Sports Cards
Jane's Cards
Book World

Traders & Swaps

Mahasamatman's Universal Trading Page
Matt's Page
LJF's Trader Page
303's Trading Page plus more
German Site ( AUF DEUTSCH - in German )
IMRE's Trade Site
Doug's X-File CCG
Julie's Trader Page (Retired)
Ralston's Trader Page
Official Gillian's Trader Page
Ruud's Trader Page
Shell's Trader Page
Steven's Trader Page
Union of Traders
Keith's Trader Page
Mindomutt's Trader Page
CCG Swap Page
CCG Swap Page
Mike's trading page