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Contest Rules & Prizes
Templates & Fonts
Fan Based Cards and Vote

Contest Rules & Prizes

1. Any type of fan card created will be e-mailed to me and will be posted on this website to be voted on.
2. Any format will be acceptable. The card can be a plain black & white text document, a card with pictures that resembles an actual game card, or anything you can dream up. No limits in creativity.
3. More than one card can be submitted.
4. The contest will have 3 categories for winners: best game play & mechanics [second place], best artwork & graphics [second place], and best overall & creativity [first place].
5. The prizes will be announced later but may include actual printing of the card to be offered to fans of the game.
6. Cards can be submitted in any popular document/text format file or graphic/picture format file. Please indicate the type of program used to create it.
7. Use of indecent words or images will not be accepted for the contest.
8. Use of images of actual X-Files cards, actors, or copyrighted material