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I created this deck to see if it was possible to run 5 sites in one round. The creators of the game must have had a set matrix when creating Agents' skills because this was really hard for me to compile. It is possible to run 5 sites in one round but you have no more points or any other cards to help. The agents are very vunerable.

Twenty-five sites in the deck are just not enough so I went to 30. Running out of resource and conspiracy points becomes a problem. Much more than sixty cards in the deck becomes a problem as well. Besides Dr. Diamond, seven active/resource cards help accumulate resource points; the other four try to save your agents from nasty attacks. I originally had only 5 cards for resource points and no helper cards. Encorporating all seven of the bluffs (that list three skills in which you can pay for an incremental negative modifier) only gave back a minor save on conspiracy points so I replaced them with other bluffs and Men in Black to help keep costs down. Mulligan is used to help get cards without paying for each one.

The Agent teams are:
  • Burk for Computer
  • Hosteen for Occult Investigation
  • Manners & Burst for Criminal Investigation
  • Henderson & Caleca for Evidence Collection
  • Kosseff & Diamond for Behavioral

    Use Manners' ability immediately to get Dr. Diamond and Kristen Kilar, then play them immediately. First Aid, X, Frohike, and Langly are your only helper cards: only use them against very nasty attacks.

    Type Of Card Resource Conspiracy Both
    Sites 30 0 0
    Building Points 7 12 0
    Healing 1 0 0
    Negate Card 3 0 0
    Change Skill 1 16 0
    Move 0 0 0
    Adversary 0 2 0
    Add/Subtarct Cards 0 0 2
    TOTAL 42 30 2

    006-DUE - Agent Henderson
    161v1 - Albert Hosteen
    175v1 - Dr. Charles Burk
    183v1 - Agent Karen Kosseff, Counselor
    402x1 - Detective Manners
    523x2 - Agent Frank Burst
    524x2 - Agent Linda Caleca

    (2x) 079v1 - Franklin, PA
    (2x) 470x1 - Jerusalem, Ohio
    044v1 - Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA
    (2x) 083v1 - Browning, MT
    (2x) 048v1 - Arlington, VA
    (2x) 063v1 - Aubrey, MO
    467x1 - Mostow's Studio, Washington, D.C.
    (2x) 073v1 - Marion, VA
    (2x) 473x1 - Strikers Cove, Georgia
    050v1 - Newark, NJ
    065v1 - Icy Cape, AK
    (2x) 047v1 - Olympic National Forest, WA
    (2x) 381v2 - Tracking the Killer
    061v1 - University of Maryland, MD
    084v1 - Steveston, MA
    (2x) 071v1 - Psychiatric Hospital, VA
    (2x) 476x1 - Virgil Incanto's Apartment, Ohio
    (2x) 069v1 - Mahan Propulsion, WA

    191v1 - Dr. Diamond
    215v1 - Kristen Kilar

    (2x) 249v1 - Reading the Signs
    254v1 - Langly
    (2x) 005-INQ - Mulligan
    (2x) 367v2 - Nurse Owens
    (2x) 459x1 - Men in Black
    (2x) 450x1 - Eliminating the Source
    304v1 - Frohike
    293v1 - X
    (2x) 297v1 - A Friend in the FBI
    (2x) 465x1 - Unexpected Call

    002v1 - First Aid

    (2x) 329v1 - Shotgun
    (2x) 423x1 - Two LUX Video Camera
    (2x) 441x1 - Alien Stiletto

    343v1 - Squeeze
    352v1 - The Manitou Stalks His Prey

    (2x) 106v1 - Sleep Deprivation
    (2x) 104v1 - Laser Barrier
    (2x) 107v1 - Radioactive Area
    (2x) 089v1 - Peter Tanaka
    (2x) 092v1 - Sheriff Daniels
    (2x) 116v1 - Detective Thompson
    (2x) 537x2 - Dr. Stroman
    (2x) 362v2 - Too Close to the Truth


    Below is the first sample deck I have submitted. It can be considered the "poor man's" advanced deck. The deck consists of only common and uncommon cards; the two promos used are considered to be uncommon. No ultra-rares or rares. This is a very competitive deck in which I beat 1 person and lost to another after 2 hours - both of their decks had the usual rares and ultra-rares: Clyde Bruckman, Oubliette, Deep Throat, X, Shotgun, etc.

    So you ask, how can this deck compete? Well, stick with the fundamentals of the game. You need sites and only a few cards to help you when it is your turn. When it is your opponent's turn, you need cards to stop them and a way to build points. Other than this, most cards are not needed. Never inflate your deck with too many cards. This sample deck has the bare minimum of 60 cards.

    The Agent teams are:
  • Kosseff & Nemhauser for Behavioral
  • Hosteen for Occult Investigation
  • White, Colton, Kreski & Lamana for Criminal Investigation

    Hosteen's ability is to look at the opponent's hand and pick a card that can get you a free question. Make sure this gets used early in the game. Lamana has a similar ability. Colton & Kosseff can help pay for Sites.

    With the 3 healing cards, you should be able to withstand Adversary attacks. Use Langly sparingly only against very rough cards like Believe The Lie, Oubliette, and so forth. Use Mulligan when you need cards and have enough points to spare; in the long run this card saves points. Equipment cards are to be discarded for Conspiracy points. Points should never be a problem since the Agents combined give 7 Resource and no card costs more than 3 (except the 14 Bluffs which can cost more if needed but rarely cost more than 3). Use the Adversary against a weak opposing Agent. Try to use Driving when you have two Criminal Investigation sites that are in the state of PA. And finally, get rid of cards as fast as possible - the faster you get rid of them, the faster you will reshuffle your deck and get them back.

    My earlier version of this deck used Agent Janus instead of White and Kreski. Computer was a site skill instead of Criminal Investigation. Agent Nemhauser did not have a permanent partner. Janus's ability to heal was found to be useless against most decks. Some sites were changed. Added Driving, Rejuvenating Caves, another First Aid and another Teamwork. Removed Successful Diagnosis, Run for it!, Dried Frog and one Laptop Computer.

    Type Of Card Resource Conspiracy Both
    Sites 16 0 0
    Building Points 4 6 0
    Healing 3 0 0
    Negate Card 2 0 0
    Change Skill 2 22 0
    Move 2 0 0
    Adversary 0 1 0
    Add/Subtarct Cards 0 0 2
    TOTAL 29 29 2

    399x1 - Agent Kreski
    401x1 - Detective Angela White
    182v1 - Agent Jerry Lamana
    183v1 - Agent Karen Kosseff, Counselor
    176v1 - Agent Tom Colton
    161v1 - Albert Hosteen
    398x1 - Agent Fred Nemhauser

    078v2 - Minneapolis, MN
    043v2 - Excelsius Dei Convalescent Home, Worcester, MA
    (2x) 044v2 - Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA
    (2x) 079v2 - Franklin, PA
    470x1 - Jerusalem, Ohio
    (2x) 083v2 - Browning, MT
    (2x) 048v2 - Arlington, VA
    (2x) 063v1 - Aubrey, MO
    467x1 - Mostow's Studio, Washington, D.C.
    (2x) 073v1 - Marion, VA

    (2x) 007-SUR - Teamwork
    (2x) 249v1 - Reading the Signs
    228v1 - Medical Treatment
    (2x) 254v1 - Langly
    (2x) 272v1 - Fingernail Scrapings
    300v2 - Travel Arrangements
    287v2 - Driving
    289v1 - Rejuvenating Caves
    (2x) 005-INQ - Mulligan

    (2x) 002v1 - First Aid

    (2x) 323v1 - Walther PPK 7.65 Hold Out Weapon
    311v1 - Laptop Computer
    (2x) 319v1 - High-Powered Flashlight

    343v1 - Squeeze

    (2x) 093v1 - Dr. Berube
    (2x) 097v1 - Holtzman, D.S.A.
    (2x) 100v1 - Paul Mossinger
    (2x) 094v1 - The Overcoat Man
    (2x) 112v1 - Government Cover-Up
    (2x) 098v1 - Claude Peterson
    (2x) 091v1 - Cigarette Butts
    (2x) 116v1 - Detective Thompson
    (2x) 089v1 - Peter Tanaka
    (2x) 092v1 - Sheriff Daniels
    (2x) 107v1 - Radioactive Area


    This is a 60-card deck made entirely from Common X-Files cards. It was created by the NXT Games design group who found it to be very competitive in their playtests. (Note: The Agent cards do not count against the 60-card deck total.)
    This deck is designed so that the Agents can, in pairs, investigate more than one Site per turn. Scully and Spiller have the skills to investigate Sites with the Prerequisite "Medical" or "Sciences." Hosteen and Burk have the skills to investigate Sites with the Prerequisite "Occult Investigation" or "Computer."

    Agent Cards
    Dana Scully
    Nancy Spiller
    Albert Hosteen
    Dr. Charles Burk

    Site Cards
    2x Genetics Clinic, Marin County, CA
    2x Gibsonton, FL
    2x Scully's Dream, Georgetown, DC
    2x Cape Cod, MA
    2x Mt. Avalon, WA
    2x Browning, MT
    Arlington, VA
    2x Laboratory, Colson, WA
    Psychiatric Hospital, Richmond, VA
    2x Containment Facility, Georgetown, MD

    Adversary Cards
    The Mechanic
    Slithers In The Night
    2x Pvt. McAlpin, Zombie
    2x Terrorist Attack
    2x Hunter In The Dark

    Bluff Cards
    Cigarette Butts
    Claude Peterson
    Dr. Berube
    Holtzman, D.S.A.
    The Overcoat Man
    Paul Mossinger
    Rail Car Network
    Car Troubles
    Laser Barrier
    Nasty Surprise
    Poisonous Gasses
    Radioactive Area
    Sinus Cavity Implant

    Combat Cards
    First Aid
    Run For It
    Take Cover

    Equipment Cards
    Electron Emission Microscope
    Gas Chromatograph
    Hi-Res Camera
    Glock 19 Semi-Automatic
    Mini-14 Assault Rifle
    Walther PPK 7.65 Holdout
    Kevlar Vest

    Event Cards
    Hard Evidence
    Relentless Pursuit
    Travel Arrangements

    Witness Cards
    Doug Spinney
    Dr. Hodge
    Gerd Thomas
    Maggie Holvey


    This is a basic X-Files deck comprised of mostly common cards. The card mix is well-balanced among the various aspects of the game. A little Criminal Investigation here, a little Evidence Collection there-the four starting agents are more than adequate to handle the job. In fact, in most cases, you'll only need two to uncover the secrets behind the sites in the deck. With a little luck, you'll be able to investigate two sites a turn, wrapping up the case quickly and efficiently. The offensive end of this deck is similarly well-balanced. You never know where your opponent is going to go, so there's an adversary for everything. Just stopping your opponent a couple of times should give you the advantage you need.

    Surprised to see Fox Mulder in the deck instead of as a starting agent? Well, besides the fact that using Mulder is so cliche, his broad range of abilities is balanced by the disadvantage that you can only use the resources he provides to buy cards. When played as a one-shot, Mulder will help you solve just about any case, and he doesn't take away space from the rest of your starting line-up.

    Hard Evidence. You'll have a difficult time playing cards like Fox Mulder if you don't have enough RP lying around, so be sure to stock up on resources with the handy-dandy event Hard Evidence.

    Relentless Pursuit. Speaking of hard, it's awfully hard for your opponent to do anything when he can't draw cards, and Relentless Pursuit is a great way to stop him from doing just that. Chuck just one high RP card (like Mulder!) to thwart your opponent's nefarious schemes.

    Travel Arrangements. You never know when your opponent is going to put a crimp in your plans by springing some nasty surprise on one of your teams of agents. If a mysterious beastie knocks one of your agents out of commission, send one of your other agents over after the battle to make sure that skill check succeeds. Forget the wounded agent-the investigation must go on!

    Agents (Starting)
    Albert Hosteen
    Alex Krycek
    Assistant Director Walter Skinner
    Section Chief Scott Blevins

    Agents (in the deck)
    Fox Mulder
    Lt. Brian Tillman, Aubry Police Department

    2x Hunter In The Dark
    Mechanic, The
    Psychotic Attack, The
    2x Pvt. McAlpin, Zombie
    Slithers In The Night

    Car Troubles
    Cigarette Butts
    Claude Peterson
    Dr. Berube
    Government Cover-up
    Holtzman, D.S.A.
    Paul Mossinger
    Radioactive Area

    2x First Aid
    Running Gun Battle

    Geiger Counter
    Glock 19 Semi-Automatic Pistol
    Government Car
    Hi-Res Camera
    Wire Tap

    2x Hard Evidence
    I Want To Believe
    2x Langly
    2x Medical Treatment
    Rejuvenating Caves
    2x Relentless Pursuit
    2x Travel Arrangements

    Broadstreet, Philadelphia, PA
    2x Browning, MT
    2x Cumberland Prison, VA
    2x Coastal Northwest, Oregon
    2x Franklin, PA
    Icy Cape, AK
    2x Lake Okobogee, Campsite #53, Sioux City, IA
    2x Mattawa, WA
    Newark, N.J.
    Olympic National Forest, WA

    Billy Miles
    Maggie Holvey
    Sheriff Spencer
    Sir Malcolm Marsden
    U.S. Marshall Tapia