What they say to me ...

Dear Iris,

"Thanks for the delicious feedback, just what I, the doctor, ordered.  This writing therapy sounds perfect for me; yes I have many mid-life issues now, didn't see 'em coming, they just did, and being the peaceful type, the best way to confront problems is on 'paper' and not with my mouth.

Thanks again for the encouragement, am very excited about this, and am telling a lot of people about it too!"

N.J., Maine

Dear Iris,

"You are soooo BEAUTIFUL to me.  Thank you for producing the Birthday Book gift for me.  I knew something special was coming last winter when my cousin called to rave about your wonderful letter asking for stories remembering me, and the way you presented it to people!  So again I'm expressing my awe and gratitude for your creativity and expertise.  You helped make my 70th Birthday Celebration a Great Event.

Your work is so special to me.  I feel so touched by it.  I appreciate all the work that went into it and Bless you for it.  You're truly a Masterpiece."

Ricki Soaring Dove
Medicine Woman, Elder, Lakota Tribe
Official Town Elf, Vinalhaven, Maine

"Iris, you are such a good, caring, profoundly insightful therapist and teacher.  I thank you and love you for what you've helped me to understand about my brother and me, my biological mother, and my husband's dying."

D.C., Massachusetts

"thank you so much for your words ...i cried...was very afraid to open your reply..but so grateful i did... again i thank you very much...you have given me a new feeling...it should take me somewhere wonderful..."

S.E., Florida

"I just want to thank you for taking the time to really "hear" all that I was trying to say in my writing. You are very perceptive (of me and my feelings when I write).  Thank you again for all of your insight.

I'm guessing you have been through a lot in your life, and that you are a kind, gentle spirit. You have a lot to offer people..... I can just feel that!"

M.B., New York

and thank you all for letting me care,
for letting me do this moving work with you --

Write On!
Iris Selig

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Specializing in Writing Therapy

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