Ralph Turnbull--Prices and Features
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Turnbull knives can be had in a variety of blade materials, ranging from ATS-34 and the CPM steels that Ralph pioneered to damascus by Daryl Meier. He has also made blades from non-traditional materials like titanium and flint. Virtually any standard grade of cutlery steel (and many others) is available to the customer in a Ralph Turnbull creation.


Once again, Ralph Turnbull is both a traditionalist and innovator. Most exotic hardwoods are available, and other handle materials include rare horn, ivory, abalone, and pearl scales. Handles can also be created from metals such as titanium and damascus.


Nothing is out of the question for a Turnbull knife. He creates fixed blade knives from art daggers to bowies, and folders from liner locks to back locks. Big or small, highly embellished or more practical, Ralph Turnbull creates knives that reflect the beauty of his art, but are every bit as capable of doing the job for which they were designed.

Prices and Ordering

Since prices and features can vary widely, viewing the Photo Gallery or Current Stock pages is a good way of obtaining general ideas about configurations and prices.

Write, call, or e-mail Ralph Turnbull. Tell him what you want, and he will reply with a cost and delivery date. When an agreement is reached, he will make the knife and notify you when it is ready. When payment is received, he will ship the knife and another Turnbull knife can be treasured by its new owner.

Contact Information

Ralph Turnbull
5722 Newburg Road
Rockford, IL 61108
Phone: (815) 398-3799
E-mail: TBULL2000@aol.com

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