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Tall Tales Taxidermy

Home of the award winning Taxidermist

Yukon E. Grubaugh

Custom mounts and bases, also glass cases. All work is completed by me to ensure top quality for each piece. I use only top quality Tohickon eyes and the finest forms available for your mounts.

Prices shown on here with mounts are for mounting fees only.

6' Lifesize grizzly mount starting at $3,200.

Mt Goat shoulder mount $675 Rock base $350

Lifesize Bobcat $800

I buy and sell lifesize hides and capes and can provide a cape for a remount or obtain a lifesize wolf or lynx for a mount you always wanted!

1st place large lifesize 1999 Alaska Chapter SCI taxidermy completition.

Lifesize Mt Lion $2,500.

Kudu shoulder mount $950

Lifesize Duiker $1,600 Lifesize Leopard $2,900

Impala or Reedbuck Shoulder mount $600

Blue Wildebeest shoulder mount $750


L/S Tahr starting at $2,200. Leaping Tahr $2,700

Warthog shoulder mount $725

Giraffe shoulder mount $2,700
Half lifesize Mt. Goat $1,500

Over 70 mounts to view in my showroom!!

Here are some pics of me in Africa this spring

Member of : National Rifle Association
National Trappers Association
Safari Club International-Alaska Chapter.... Board of Directors 1998-2001

Federal and State Licenses and insured for your protection,

Yukon E. Grubaugh, Taxidermist
4820 Klondike Ave #2
Anchorage, Ak 99508
Toll free 888.YUKONAK
Fax 907.333.5559

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