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New Document

o.k every one like i said i told you there will be a big change coming

Hi every one and welcome to my page. don't worry this page dosnt look like much but give it time it will come to be one of the best trading pages of cartoons/mangas movies in the web :) plus every week ill put up a diffrent wallpapaer and link the file so you can take it. for the list's of things to trade just scroll down and see what i have,or go down and see the trading rules.

and dont gorget to bookmark us
started to add the pics
added the wallpaper part i will bring 3 new wallpaper every week
started building the comics section soon there's going to be a hell of alot of bio's and pics
16/3/99 add the links page and more bioinc six episodes
12/3/99 add more bioinc six episodes and transformers

here are the things i have for you

the trading rules
the things i need
here are the mangas up for trade
the bionic six up for trade
the transformers things up for trade
here are the wallpapers
the links

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