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Product Line

Apotheose (tm) Drive Units

Very soon to be released, the TMAC Apotheose(tm) drive units will make you go into spasms of lust. The Apotheose 25 tweeter actually has a flat response below its resonant frequency, and likes to be crossed very low (Use a 6 uf cap 1st order). It has a billet aluminum face, a chamber behind the dome, its shielded, has ferrofluid, and the silk dome is so light that you can actually see through it. It doesn't sound like a Dyn or Vifa or Morel-- people have said it sounds like the Revelator, less a couple of dB (89 nominal, but I treat it like a 92 when crossing it). The rolloff on this baby is a dream for first-order purists. See below for pricing.

The Apotheose 130 woofers were prototyped by listening to 7 different cone materials, and the best sounding one was selected-- to everyone's surprise it ended up being the pulp composite (which also happens to cost less). The best sounding basket was the silicate polymer composite (which also happens to cost less). The motor is powerful, as well as vented on the front and the back. The synnergy created between the cone, motor, and basket is incredible. I was loopin' happy when I heard this one. The total Q is oh-so-low, and the sensitivity is 89. The midrange just sounds too good to be true, that's all I can say. Everyone who's listened to it has said it sounds just as good as any mid-woofer on the market. The upper rolloff is so exquisite that your wife could cross it over. Seriously, I really like the tweeter, but this 130 is the best thing since mashed potatos. You don't even have to counterbore it, the basket is contoured! You just have to try it out. The midrange... "Mwaah!" See below for pricing.

A nice table of detailed specifications will be here soon, but for now...

Apotheose 130-8 (8 ohm Woofer):
Fs 50.71 Hz
Re 5.86 ohms
Res 33.56 Hz
Qms 2.3
Qes .40
Qts .34
L1 .24 mH
L2 .43 mH
R2 5.11 ohms
Vas 14.77 liters
Mms 8.46 g
Cms 1164 uM/N
B1 6.24 Tesla-M
SPL 91.5 dB @ 1W/1M
Mmd 7.93 g
Area 95.05 cm^2
MSRP: $49.95
Cost @ 100: $29.95
Cost @ 500: call

Apotheose 25 (1" Tweeter):
Dome material: Silk
Nominal impedance: 6 ohms
Frequency range: 1-20 kHz
Sensitivity: 90dB @ 1W/1M
DC resistance: 5.4 ohms
Voice coil height: 1.4mm
Voice coil diameter: 25.4mm
Coil layers: 2
Free air resonance: 1200 (but it plays flat down to 1000!)
Nominal power: 75 watts
MSRP: $49.95 (target price)
Cost @ 100: 29.95 (target price)
Cost @ 500: call