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Sourcing cabinetry should be a relaxing, pleasurable experience. We are here to make your job easier. Aside from mentioning that you will never have to drill screw holes again, you will never have to worry about coming up with fresh ideas for that new cosmetic makeover you were wanting for your line. Kick your feet up on the desk, and read on.

TMAC is standing ready not to give advice, but to help you explore your options. Let's assess your project, and come up with faster, more efficient means of production. Taylor has played with bracing and resonance study more than anyone, and can predict panel resonant patterns in his sleep. He enjoys laying out bracing. Having "voiced" many cabinets, Taylor can quickly engineer bracing that breaks up waves, with internal diffusion. Couple this with TMAC's spray-in acoustic texture, and you have a sophostique enclosure that is as quiet as the grave before any damping is added-- not a ringing box.

On the outside of your projects, we would be tickled to be of service to you as well. We can work with you in developing the aesthetics from start to finish. TMAC has done surveys that panel women concerning designs. Face it, if women don't like the way it looks, it doesn't sell as well.

The draftsmen who do TMAC's AutoCAD work (Moonlighting college CAD instructors and other companies in Iowa and Tennessee) draw up your projects with software that none of our competitors are yet using. 3D solid modeling ensures that all of the parts fit exactly like we want them to on the first try, and that the internal volume you want is exactly what you get (id est, 0.001 cubic ft tolerance). Peices are laid out in cyberspace for the least possible amount of waste, and projects may be analyzed for production efficiency.

If such services sound appealing to you, just ask. They are entirely complementary for clients in production with us, the least we can do to be of service.