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OEM Cabinetry

Thanks for dropping by the new webpage, more will be added here in the near future.

If you need a certain product, you will get it. If you need special services, they are yours. Our answer remains ever, always, only, "Yes." We are excited and honored to avail our services to you!

Our first precept is confidentiality. The success of our business depends upon your security. Under no circumstances are any names or information suggested or mentioned in any manner. Unfortunately, this means that our rather impressive portfolio is unavailable. The site is yet under construction, so watch your head.

We will provide you with parts, pieces, or fully finished and packaged loudspeakers, diffusors, steel stands, racks, and other acoustic treatments or audio furniture. Possibilities include prototypes, production runs, “onesies,” and custom jobs. TMAC specializes in bringing you MDF, Truepan®, Corian®, steel, aluminum, composites, exquisite finishes, and more. TMAC is abreast of new materials and mass-production techniques for superior efficiency and performance. This frees us to offer craftsmanship and the most competitive prices. Taylor's quality standard is from the Bible, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men," Colossians 3:23.

Although our exotic veneers are exceptional, we pride ourselves in our painted finishes. Taylor Moffitt can help you select a finish to ignite your cabinets with pearlescent and custom paint jobs that are unsurpassed. No less than 12 coats of paint are hand rubbed and coated with a Teflon® micro-layer. This is durability and timeless beauty combined, at a price which may surprise you.

As an option, we are happy to provide structural, resonance, and cost analysis of your projects and recommend more cost-effective ways to achieve superior performance. If you wish, your cabinets can be tested by stethoscopic Fourier or even laser inferometry to seek and destroy problematic resonances.

Whatever the demand, Taylor Moffitt Acoustic Carpentry™ is your resource. We are here to meet your greatest challenges, unleash your creative fury, and bring to life your most impossible dreams.

Newly featured:

We are pleased offer production metal speaker stands and equipment racks custom made to match your line. Metalwork can be done here in the US or in Malaysia. Shelving can be acrylic, composite, Corian, glass, MDF, solid ebony... whatever you fancy.