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Steve's Scrimshaw & Engraving/
Steve Lankerd Studio

Steve's Scrimshaw & Engraving has changed it's name to "Steve Lankerd Studio"... It will be the same business, just a different name. The new name and also a new site, will better describe the fine quality gifts that we offer.
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This site has been updated as of 9/30/08


Welcome to Steve's Scrimshaw & Engraving/Steve Lankerd Studio.

Located in Southeast Alaska on Annette Island in the town of Metlakatla, I try to capture some of the natural beauty of the landscapes, mammals and animals of Alaska in my work. The following is a description of some of the work that is done and what materials are used.

Scrimshaw work is done on Mammoth Ivory, Fossilized Walrus Ivory and shed Deer Antler. Some of the pieces that I make from the Ivory are ear rings,necklaces, and hair barrettes. The ear rings are mainly made in domed tear drop and domed oval shapes. Only fine quality sterling silver and gold filled ear wires are used.

Necklaces are of different shapes and sizes. Hair barrettes are made only when a good quality piece of Ivory is available.

Deer Antler buttons of different shapes and sizes are also available.

Engravings are done on stainless steel, knives, utensils and recycled metals. A wide range and styles of knives are made using different types of steel. Ulu knives with Alaskan Red Cedar and Yellow Cedar handles and bases and the occasional Deer Antler handle is made. Alaskan mammals and animals are engraved on the blades. The same art work is used on stainless steel coffee mugs as well.

Glass work is a new medium being used. The results have been both beautiful and rewarding. The work done on glass is done on different shapes and thicknesses. Sun-catchers are made with a fine line type of engraving, and on the thicker glass a carving is done with a 3d effect.

Thank you for viewing my web page.
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(Updated 3/27/05)

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