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"The Land of Dreams is better far, Above the light of the Morning Star."
- William Blake -


My use of color, mystery and humor draws the attention of the viewer. This enables me to communicate on another level.

I hope to reach that part of the viewer that remembers, somewhere down deep, the value of nature, its healing properties; and to make him/her THINK! We should listen to the First Peoples. They have much to teach us. I have come to realize that animals are very likely teachers and healers. In our arrogance, we have forgotten.

M. E. Procknow studied art at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Working in the arts as an illustrator, jewelry designer, sculptor and painter. She has shown in local, regional, national, and international venues, winning awards in most of them. Her work can be found as far away as Moscow, Russia, and Sidney, Australia.

She continues to study in workshops and seminars with artists like Maxine Masterfield, Katherine Chang Liu, Robert Venosa, and Carole Barnes. Her work has been published in a national newsletter and can be seen in two books by ROCKPORT PUBLISHERS.

THE ARTIST in her natural habitat
- photograph by Delbert Miller -

Healer's Meadow


Shaman Of The Animals



Paintings that encourage the viewer to invent stories. Often I deliberately leave a figure vague, or questions unanswered, to encourage the viewer's imagination.


Feeding Frenzy

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Becoming Myself


African Genesis


The Dreaming Goddess



Works based on creation myths, real and imagined, and gleaned from extensive reading and research into ancient belief systems. Lush landscapes abound, since these were nature based religions.

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Eyes That Will Not See


Critical Mass


Revisionist's Biology



Inspired by the modern ideas and lifestyles that range from pure silliness to utterly outrageous. I just HAVE to say something. My brush speaks well and often.

View more paintings from this series by clicking on the arrow button... View more paintings from Political Art Series

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SpiritArt, Artwork that has meaning !

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