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Lindy's Legacy

by Lissa Michelle Supler

I felt a little bit of sadness upon originally completing this story---a vague sadness mixed with triumph, both feelings because I’d managed to finish the story completely. But I also felt at peace. This story is mainly made up of my dreams and thoughts from the time of Linda’s passing on April 17, 1998. My thoughts clamored within my mind to weave how I felt and my ‘daydream’ into a story. That daydream was to be Paul’s friend in his time of grief, someone safe, listening and providing quiet support. Though I was sad that I was done writing about James, Lindy, and Shelle, that peace I felt was one in my heart. Just by writing this story I felt as if I had helped in some way. That’s all I originally hoped to achieve with this story.

This short, simple story of love took me approximately eight months in all. I started it shortly after Linda’s passing, finished the text around May/August and finished its revisions and add-on chapters by January of 1999.

Upon this story’s completion, I regarded it as one of my best-written works. I no longer think so. Re-reading it now, it may have been my best writing and best story at the time, but I know that my writing since then has deepened and matured a bit more and delves further into my characters, their motivations, and the plot itself. I know that that this story before you has errors and that there are some changes I’d like to make---actually, I’d like to rewrite the whole story from scratch.

But the rewritten version of Lindy’s Legacy is not before you today. What you are about to read is the original story, as posted on the Web last year before the temporary shutdown of Anna Fagundes’ “The Houseful/The Beatles Embassy”.

Did I say that this is not one of my best? True. But as a work inspired, motivated, and written solely out of love, then yes, it is one of my best. In this story, my own innocence and the pure, simple love with which this was written are both evident on every page. So, to me, in this story, the mechanics and technicalities don’t matter. It comes before you in its original form to share its original love.

I hope you, as my readers, can come away from this story with a bit of that love. And though the lovely Miss Mills may have beaten our heroine to her beloved “James,” the young Shelle Stanley will always be with him in love and in spirit.

The Chapters
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