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Lindy's Legacy, Chapter Three

James walked on the worn path; hands jammed into his pockets, green-brown eyes fixed on the skies above. He felt that if he looked in the right spot, he would see her eyes staring back. A prayer formed on his lips and his voice hoarsely spoke it to the heavens and a strange calm flooded through him. He walked along and knew that she was there. Not in body, perhaps, but definitely in spirit. He passed a huge tree and he could hear Lindy’s voice:
“Look at that beautiful tree, James dear. It’ll be here long after we’ve gone.”

Oh, wasn’t she right! She was gone and the tree was still there! But he knew that wasn’t what she had meant.

He wanted to call for her; he wanted…he wanted…

Get a hold of yourself, he thought. Lindy said you’d be fine and fine you’ll be. Quit being so darn morbid.

“I’m not morbid,” James said aloud, while his thoughts sent off something like a tongue-click.

Relax, his mind continued. ‘Time heals all wounds,’ they do say, y’know.

“I know that,” James answered. “I’ve gone through death before. You forget my one of best friends died eighteen years ago and everyday someone says his name or I see a picture of him…”

All right, all right. I have forgotten. And you’ve recovered nicely from that, h’m?

“I don’t know,” James said, eyes shut, remembering having someone tell him that his friend had been shot. He opened his eyes quickly, before the memory had a chance to play in his mind. Well, he’d recovered from that, so he could recover from this. But, oh, how the word ‘recover’ hurt! It felt as if he ‘recovered,’ he would forget Lindy—but he knew from experience that this wasn’t so. So, he’d try to get through the pain and grief, and soon it would be gone.

James thought about what he had to remember Lindy. Pictures, paintings, songs. And also memories, love, and a wonderful legacy—their children and their beautiful love-story. But there was someone else who was coming. Lindy had said so. James pushed this out of his mind, though his last thought on the subject was, “This ‘someone else’ could be a part of what Lindy left.”

His mind’s new subject of thought was children. Lindy loved children and so did he. He could help a child, maybe.

Oh, yes, he would help a child, a child destined by God to end up on his doorstep. This child would also be a link: a link to the other part of Lindy’s legacy.

© Lissa Michelle Supler

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