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So, maybe she didn't remove all of his pain; a part of it, he told himself, would always be with him, but she had certainly helped lighten the load. She gave him companionship when he didn't want to be left alone-and he was glad. Glad that God had sent the girl to him, the likeness of Lindy's spirit gazing out at him through those mysterious dark-lashed eyes.

But what was he going to do when he returned home? He couldn't stay with Shelle forever. He was invited to stay for a few weeks and he would, but what would he do after that? He'd go on writing songs, he supposed. Then he remembered something that he'd so strangely forgotten-Lindy had written a few songs and recorded them before she died. They had been planning to make an album of just her songs. That would be something occupying, he thought. Compiling her new and old songs would give him something to do; a purpose. But after that, he still had to do something, though he didn't think he could play live shows anymore. She haunted him-where she used to stand and play keyboards, her voice harmonizing with his.......

"James," came a soft voice, "you still can play live. Lindy would have wanted you to. You know that." Shelle sat with him; her brown head leaned on his shoulder.

"You're right; I do know that," he replied and put his arm around her. The sun began to set, setting the sky a-fire with brilliant colours.

"How would you feel if I asked you a favor?" he murmured as a few clouds turned a brilliant gold-like Lindy's beautiful tresses.

"What is it?"

"For Lindy. Songs. But one special-a tribute song by you and me. Would you like to?"

Shelle smiled, her eyes a little wet, and gave him her hand, and her treasured "cheap" ring for him to have to remember her and said,

"Of course I will."

© Lissa Michelle Supler

Background and pearly stars courtesy of Moira's Web Jewels