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Lindy's Legacy, Chapter One

James lived on a farm in the English countryside. It hadn’t always been like that. He had lived in many places, both nice and ritzy, or old and run-down, in his life. But one of his friends was ranting and raving about a certain place and how nice homes were there—so James decided to check out these houses. He wanted a place to get away, for he was in a band, a very famous one at that, and fans were constantly following him. But it wasn’t until he met Lindy that he bought the farm.

Lindy was tall and slender, with clouds of gold hair and tranquil blue eyes and she was a photographer. James met her at a party celebrating one of his band’s albums and she was taking pictures there. They became really good friends, though Lindy sensed what was coming and told James she wasn’t marrying again—for she had just gotten a divorce and won custody of her daughter, Heather. But somehow, James’s noted charm took effect, or maybe being four months pregnant changed her mind. He watched Heather when Lindy had to run errands and soon, Lindy’s daughter was his as Lindy stepped into his arms and kissed him, sealing forever their promise to love, honor and obey. And then James bought the farm, and the baby was born, a girl, and given James’s late mother’s name.

Though they were a happy pair and only spent a few days apart in their three-decade marriage, married life had its ups and downs. Fans who asserted that James was “theirs” had to face the fact that he wasn’t “theirs;” he belonged to another woman. Many of the fans went on loving James and hoped for a divorce, but it never happened. So some jealous people sent hate-mail letters to Lindy that must have hurt her, but she gave no sign. She just hung onto James, no matter how much hate was sent her way. But there were a few people who thought they had a most beautiful marriage and loved James and Lindy for it.

And then Lindy started “getting sick.” She didn’t realize it at first, but when she went in for her regular check-ups at the hospital, it was found that she had a tumor in her breast. It was promptly removed and the world found out about it and realized how much it cared about Lindy. Lindy was treated for whatever she had and everyone feared for her and hate-mail writers felt guilty.

But then it was announced, “Lindy Mac is going to live! She has beaten her breast cancer into remission!”

And everyone believed it.

A young girl named Shelle Stanley heard about Lindy’s cancer in school from a friend. “You lie,” was her reaction. “Lindy is fine.”
“No, she isn’t,” her friend insisted.
“In that case,” Shelle replied, gritting her teeth, “thank you for ruining my day.”

And then Shelle read and heard that Lindy was fine. Somehow, she was uncertain about the news, but she believed it. She went home and listened to James’s albums and heard Lindy singing in the background. After awhile, she took out her pen and wrote a tribute poem to James for all of his hard work in the musical area. She was a writer and also musical herself. After she had finished writing, she dreamed of Lindy and James strolling on their farm, which was a pleasant picture. This was on a Friday and she didn’t watch television all weekend. On Monday, she heard the sad news:

Lindy Mac had died.

Everyone had believed it, James and Lindy and their children included. And then, two years later, Lindy lay dying in James’s arms, with their four grown-up children around them. James spoke to her, told her to think of riding her horse on their farm, just trying to hold onto the spirit that he knew must leave him. Lindy’s peaceful eyes looked very calm, calmer than James had ever seen them. She had accepted her death’s news very quietly and did not break down. She was a courageous, brave soul and did not fancy herself as the type to die, or at least “carry on” about it.

“James,” she said softly, “will you be all right without me?”

James knew what she wanted him to answer. “I’ll be fine, love, but I won’t get over wishing that you were here with me.”

Lindy smiled, a smile of such sweetness that James felt his eyes tear over.

“You’ll be fine,” she told him. “Come, children.”

She talked to each of her children, but saved something for last at the end of each talk. And then came James’s turn.

“Someone will be coming to you, James, someone to help…” Her voice trailed off.

“I love you,” Lindy said with her last dying breath and gave him a hug and slipped away.

“I love you, Lindy,” James answered softly. “Lindy, Lindy!”

© Lissa Michelle Supler

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