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Unexpected in Time

Author's Note: January 21, 2005: Unexpected is COMPLETE! January 22 marks its seventh anniversary...and it is complete. (Finally!)

This story is a work-in-progress. THIS MEANS: There are many places where there a gaping holes, plot inconsistencies, and the like...such as the Ballad suddenly becoming "the Lay" and "the Timelore"...Honestly, if I'd stopped to fix every one of these as they popped up (and I was quite aware of many of them at the time of writing), then it would've taken nine years to finish.
PLEASE NOTE: "The coins" that are often referred to are actually Timewatches. There's a sudden shift in the new chapters, but they're the same thing, called by another name. I love the "Replace" button, don't you?

So here it is, in its raw, unrevised glory. I am currently working on a new home for this story, which will feature a glossary of selected terms, character picture archive, and all that jazz.

Enjoy! And don't forget to gimme some truth!

Summary: In the mid-1960s, the famous rock group The Beatles are each affected by a band member's illness. In seeking the answer to Paul McCartney's inexplicable disease, The Beatles find themselves appointed to a crusade to save Time from a dark power that seeks to control Time and eliminate The Beatles. The Elberioneth of Time is sent to guide them, as their mission is a part of her larger war campaign. But by the time she gets to them, so many mistakes have already been made. Paul is dying and The Beatles have come no closer to the answer. The answer, they know, lies in the hands of the dark power that has crippled their friend, and in the timeless life of the princess sent to save them...

DISCLAIMER: This is purely a work of fiction...and love. I don't own the Beatles and I'm not making any money off of this. However, plagiarizing is STEALING and is punishable by law.

The Beatles are lovable. And I have plot bunnies to spare. Adopt one of those.

The Chapters

Act One~Prologue
...a breath of Time...

Chapter One: Englishmen in New York | Chapter Two:Pieces | Chapter Three: Coldness of Air | Chapter Four: The Hospital | Chapter Five: Getting Better | Chapter Six: Poetry | Chapter Seven: Laughter and Tears | Chapter Eight: The Wind of Change | Chapter Nine: The Field Between the Times

Act Two~Arrive Without Aging
...Time takes one by surprise, blinding the eyes...

Chapter Ten: And So, Good Morning | Chapter Eleven: Of Talking With the Stars | Chapter Twelve: For the First Time | Chapter Thirteen: The Young Schoolteacher and the Bohemian Artist | Chapter Fourteen: The Dream Begins | Chapter Fifteen: An Eloquent Solo | Chapter Sixteen: Paul's Dream | Chapter Seventeen: A Time As Good As Any | Chapter Eighteen: Behind Blue Eyes | Rewritten! Chapter Nineteen: Behind Closed Doors | Chapter Twenty: Up the Rose Trellis | Chapter Twenty-One: A Rain of Ashes |


Chapter Twenty-Two: The Might-Have-Been Freedom Coalition | Chapter Twenty-Three: Lies, Deception, and Betrayal | Chapter Twenty-Four: Spirit and Separation | Chapter Twenty-Five: A Cup of Tea Before the Storm |

Act Three: Lynelye-etoile Elberióneth
...Time is its own keeper...

Chapter Twenty-Six: A New Departure in Travelings | Chapter Twenty-Seven: Chalk Lines in the Sand | | Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Field of Unrest | Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Innocence of Time |

Act Four: A Standing Ovation
...Time heals, but cannot change...

Chapter Thirty: The Princess of Time Chapter Thirty-One:The Ride of the Elénnin | Chapter Thirty-Two: "Named for All Times" | Chapter Thirty-Three: The Lifeglass | Chapter Thirty-Four: Awilána | Chapter Thirty-Five: As Time Passes... | Chapter Thirty-Six: Paul's Request |

Epilogue: Requiem

January 2005 marks the seventh year anniversary of Unexpected in Time!

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