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Dear Friend, the Love of My Life

Dear Friend, the Love of My Life

Winner of "Best Unfinished" in the Summer Beatles Fan Fic Awards!

Dear Friend is currently offline as of July 17, 2001.

January 2005: Found a copy of Dear Friend in my files. Woot. What a silly, girly story, and yet, how actually comedic and charming! Oy...

Must finish.... I guess I didn't note, in the message below, is that this story came at my "experimental writer" period, where I was walking the fine line between romance and gutter. This story was taking a definite gutter turn and that made me really mad because it wasn't supposed to be one. But unfortunately, this story became the guinea pig for a few explicit love scenes, which are (hopefully) no longer in existence. I think I like the "turn the lights down low and give 'em privacy" approach better than full-on nudity. I mean, isn't leaving it to the imagination more fun, anyway? ;)

March 2003: Yeah, this story's been offline for a helluva long time. Here's the reason, because I'm not scared anymore:
The story was going places I wasn't sure I wanted it to go. As another author, Vic, tells us in the intro of her story Double Fantasy, how much is too much? Well, I'm not as brave as some other authors out there. I respect and admire the rest of you and though I have my share of spunk, I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.
Now that that's out, I have to say that silly romantic-dramedy or not, I really love this story. I love Lynne's voice and I feel so inexplicably cheerful when writing this story. It may be updated, it may not. When I allow myself to understand the true meaning of freedom, you will all be the first to know. I know no one cares about this rant, but I need it out and I need it in this intro. Another author told me, "Don't be's yourself on that page." Well, I'm trying very hard...I've finally realized that I've been afraid of myself for a long time. But now I'm coming out of that shell (and those who know me will be flabbergasted when they read this...Lissa, the outgoing, flamboyant, exuberant, quirky performer has a shell?!?)'s not even a shell...just the familiar faces of insecurity and doubt. But, as I remind myself everyday in my uncertain but happy theatrical/writerly life, dare to dream, reach for the stars, challenge the impossible (my personal saying). Be inspired.

Lynne Lewis is a young American writer-actress-model bound for England's Oxford College. She is a Beatles fan and somehow knows that she will meet the man she has wanted to the most—Paul McCartney. She wants to "establish deep mutual trust and confidence" between them in the best David Copperfield-Agnes Wickfield tradition. But that close friendship was from the start a little different; something was in it that made it more than a friendship, more than friends' love and gives both Lynne and Paul something they were looking for but weren't expecting…

There are several references to Charles Dickens's David Copperfield in this story, in case anyone wonders and if you have no clue what I'm getting at when I make a reference to it, please feel free to e-mail me.

Note: This story takes place five or six years in the future.


To the real Elizabeth and Julie, my very dear chums and closest friends

To Jett, my baby brother: hey, Tot! Thank you for the laughs and the smiles and kisses—and for singing baby Beatle songs by request! :)

To Sabrina, who plays Rose in this story, with much love and affection

And, of course, to Paul, with much love always and to lovely Linda for giving him the wife, friend, family and happiness he was looking for

And lastly, to my parents for encouraging my writing, acting, and modeling, with much love, always.

Part One: Dear Friend

Chapter One: The Beginning

Chapter Two: Journey From Home

Chapter Three: Following the Stars

Chapter Four: Act Two, Scene Two: Encounter

Chapter Five: Tranquility

Chapter Six: Setting the Stage

Chapter Seven: A Bright, Shining Light

Chapter Eight: The Question of Ownership

Chapter Nine: Together Again

Chapter Ten: "And the Truth Shall Set You Free"

Chapter Eleven: Change in the Weather

Chapter Twelve: The Best-Laid Plans

All work here is copyrighted original work and may not be produced without permission from the author. Permission may be obtained by e-mail.

© Lissa Michelle Supler

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