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Win My Awards!

(More awards of both types are coming soon!)

IMPORTANT!!! If you want to apply/win an award, you must read all of this!

*Fan Fic Awards

This is my top award for Beatles fan fics. This award is given to exceptional stories. I don't have too many requirements as to winning it as in grammar and all that, but a "clean" story does go a long way in helping.

This is my four star fan fic award.

This is my three star fan fic award (these awards are discussed at length below).

*Web Site Awards

This is my top award for a Beatles site. I award this to great, well-done sites where the effort is obvious. To win this award doesn't mean your site has to be fancy or anything. Your site can mine and you can still win! =)

Here are the other two awards...just finished!

*How to Apply/Win My Awards

You can get on my good side by signing my Dreambook (hint-hint)!

Fan Fics.There are three fan fic awards: five stars, four stars, and three stars. The five star award is given to the exceptional fan fics that are both creative and realistic. Four stars are given to the well-written fan fics that have honourable attributes. And three stars is awarded to a fan fic that can grab and hold your attention and you can walk away from it with a good feeling. I will award these awards even if you don't apply. There are some stories I've read that haven't any awards, but are good and well-deserving. But if my award doesn't magically appear in your mailbox, never fear! You can apply for one! Simply send me an e-mail telling me the EXACT page your story starts on (like the intro), a short summary (this summary will describe your story on the award winner's page) of your story, and why you feel your story should get an award. Don't worry; I am not judging your explanation as to why you should win, but it does help if yours if very sincere and convincing. =)

Sites. There are LOTS of site awards and you can apply for all the different ones if you want! Firstly, there are three Beatles site awards, five stars, four stars, etc. Then there is one Paul McCartney site award, one John Lennon award, etc. In the case of these site awards, and perhaps the fan fic ones, I may make multiple five star awards and I'll give you the choice of which you'd like to have. I also have a couple of non-Beatles site awards that you can win. E-mail me with your site's URL, what award you're applying for and a short description of your site (remember---this is your chance to "plug" it!). Sounds simple, huh? Then why don't you apply--today?
Good luck to all and peace be with you!


Fan Fics

E-mail me with:
1~The exact page your story starts on
2~A short summary of your story
3~If you have not done so already, please sign my Dreambook! You'll definitely get points with me on this one!
4~...And why you feel you should win my award.

Web Sites

E-mail me with:
1~Your page's URL
2~A short description of your page
3~The award you're applying for.

I will return your e-mail within three days, with the award you've won and its specific HTML code. Mail me if you don't receive an e-mail with all this within five days.

The Award Winners!
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