Sonic Wave International

Mr. Richard Black,

Sonic Wave International is a worldwide label with the main offices in both the U.S. and Singapore. We have full distribution worldwide, including our major territories of the U.S., e-commerce, Asia, and Australia.

We work along with Warner Brothers Singapore for promotion and publishing.

Our bands for quite well for an independent label. Two of them, Anand click. And Project .44 will be playing with Motorhead this coming month, and going on tour with Sister Machine Gun.

We also work along closely with Joey Demaiio of MANOWAR, who has helped our bands such as Stonehenge with a tour. Stonehenge has also played with Pantera, Savatage, Nuclear Assault, and a host of others. They just finished a tour with ICED EARTH.

Our bands also receive good independent radio play from the Rebel Radio network, which covers covers the Midwest, and other stations worldwide. We are especially popular in Malaysia and Singapore.

We also have full booking capabilities on a self funded basis.

If you have any questions, or are ready for us to offer you a distribution contract please contact me. We would prefer to sign you in full on a self-funded basis, meaning you originally produce the CDs, and we distribute. We will pay you a royalty on any merchandise we make ourselves (T-shirts, CDs, Tapes).


Anand Bhatt

Sonic Wave International

415 S. Maple, Suite# 603

Oak Park, IL 60302



Please send me a copy of each release you would like us to handle for quick review and filing purposes, before I have someone draw up an agreement.


Sonic Wave International is the joint venture between U.S. independent label ABYSS Records, and Singapore's Candlelight Productions.

The U.S. office, Sonic Wave America, specializes in producing the best of metal, rock, industrial, and mainstream music in today's universe.

In today's music industry where most corporations capitalize on underpaid no talent acts that are oversold to the musically uneducated, it is with great honor that a major metal label such as Sonic Wave boasts some of the best musicians anywhere.

Thanks to the excellent talent, the advice of Metal Blade, MANOWAR, supportive radio stations, magazines, other media, and recording studios, the universe is for the taking by

Sonic Wave International.

Sonic Wave International

Sonic Wave America

415 S. Maple, Suite#603

Oak Park, IL 60302


Phone: (708)445-8373

Fax: (847)854-2234


Anand Bhatt


Operations, Distribution, Marketing, Finance


Michael Sato

Graphic Design


Al Ryba



Hirmie Abdul Bin Rahman

CEO Singapore

Operations, Distribution, Marketing, Finance


Some of our top bands form the U.S. Office

Anand click. (Now endorsed by WASHBURN, JACKDANIELS, and VIVID VIDEO)

(Better known as "click.")

Anand click. - as read about in India Abroad, The Entertainer, and the Flyer Times - is becoming the new icon for Chicagoland rock and metal. They've received many compliments from major artists in the industry (like ROB ZOMBIE , ICED EARTH, and Joey from MANOWAR), and the radio stations. MediaOne had sponsored two music videos that they aired twice a week last April, and the CD has gained many radio requests from Chicagoland fans. Two songs have been in the top ten on Rebel Radio 94.3FM for many months straight now. Both songs have also gained airplay and respect from ROCK 103.5 (WRCX) and other radio stations across the world. Subculture Magazine lists Anand click. as one of the top ten metal bands in Chicago. Vivid Video has selected a click. song to be in an upcoming major world-wide film release for MAY 1999. Dreamworks and Warner Brothers are currently considering Anand click. songs to be in upcoming films. click. is also representing the U.S. in the World Metal Inquisition compilation from Sweden off of SMI, and the METAL LEGION compilation from Singapore. Furthermore, a click. song will be on the Culture Shock III Chicagoland compilation that will be used as a promotion by Guitar Center, Tower Records, The GAVIN Report, and many others.



The name RUDRA is an epithet of Lord Shiva, the God of Destruction in the Hindu Pantheon. The band is the premier of a genre dubbed as Hindu Metal. After many successful magazine reviews, interviews, and compilation appearances, Rudra cut the first CD in late 1996. The CD was release in late 1997, and has taken the world by storm. Rudra combines ancient Hindu chants, instruments, and beats with dark death metal to form a truly unique sound.

PROJECT .44 Popular Industrial Dance Band

Project .44 released an ep in Octoher of '96 and supported it with dates throughout the midwest quickly breaking into major Chicago clubs such as Dome Room and Double Door. Their new full length was produced by Acumen Nation/DJ? Acucrack's Jamie Duffy with some help from Ministry's Al Jeurgensen, Depeche Mode, and rights from the Cure.

Project .44 receives consistent airplay on the "Rebel Radio Network" which is headquartered in Chicago and has satellite stations in Indiana and Wisconsin. They also receive solid club play from DJ's at some of Chicago's elite clubs such as Dome Room, Exit & Crobar Project .44's "chaotic" live show is a direct derivative of the aggressive nature of their music. Two hard pounding drummers flanked by players who attack their instruments, each other and whatever else is around.


"...High Octane Hit Fuel!!!" Gavin Report

Stonehenge is in the top ten of radio 40 radio stations across North America. They've shared the stage on great tours with PANTERA, MANOWAR, ICED EARTH, NUCLEAR ASSUALT, SAVATAGE and many others. The CD, Shadows, has sold over 2,000 copies worldwide, and the new release Nocturnal/Night Visions will be out in March 1999. More amazing information can be found on the back of the Nocturnal EP or on the Web site..