Anand Bhatt

Anand Bhatt is most known for his work with Jim Martin of Faith No More, Anand clique., and Project .44. He has shared the stage with many great musicians, and is one of the world's leading guitar and jazz sitar players.

Anand is an award nominee for inclusion on soundtracks and a GRAMMY consideree for singles and albums. He has done some soundtrack work a best picture winner and has written full scores for many movies.

His CD with Jim Martin, titled "Conflict" was said to be a GRAMMY great by NARAS for Metal/Dance music. Since then Anand has received several GRAMMY considerations and has earned himself a seat as a GRAMMY voting member. Hollywood productions continously help support and sponsor promotions and productions for MTV, VH1, and its affiliate channels worldwide.

Anand currently endorses exclusively: Jackson Guitars, Dean-Markley strings and accesories, Mesa/Boogie Heads, and LensQuest/WildEyes "Anand Bhatt Red" contact lenses (you may have seen the ad), and non-exclusively:Randall Cabinets.

Anand has currently made appearances in the following movies and films : Wrap Party (2001/2002) [Lead Role] Turn it Up (2002) [Lead Role] Prisoner (Showtime) [Major Supporting Role] West Side (Cable two-parter) [Major Supporting Lead] Kobe Tai's Perfect Virtual Love Maya's Revenge

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    Anand clique.
    (Old Archive 1999 - updates at the ANAND CLIQUE PAGE)

    Anand clique. - as read about in the Anand Bhatt interview in India Abroad, The Entertainer, and the Flyer Times, Times of India, and heard about on VH1 news - is becoming the new icon for Chicagoland rock and metal. They've received many compliments from major artists in the industry (like ROB ZOMBIE , ICED EARTH, and Joey from MANOWAR), and the radio stations. MediaOne had sponsored two music videos that they aired twice a week in April 1998, and the CD has gained many radio requests from Chicagoland fans. Two songs were in the top ten on Rebel Radio 94.3FM for many months straight. Both songs have also gained airplay and respect from ROCK 103.5 (WRCX) and other radio stations across the world. Subculture Magazine lists Anand clique. as one of the top ten metal bands in Chicago. Songs Mountain and Down Below have been selected to be in upcoming major world-wide film releases. Dreamworks and Warner Brothers are currently considering Anand clique. songs to be in upcoming films. Anand clique.. is also representing the U.S. in the World Metal Inquisition compilation from Sweden off of SMI, and the METAL LEGION compilation from Singapore. Furthermore, a song is on the Culture Shock III Chicagoland compilation that will be used as a promotion by Guitar Center, Tower Records, The GAVIN Report, and many others.

    Anand clique. also has a song on a compilation with MOTORHEAD, Dropkick Murphys, The Dwarves, and many more.

    The current members of Anand clique. are:

    Anand Bhatt: Vocals, Guitar

    Ryba: Guitar

    Rob Stout: Bass

    Rob Everhart (formerly of FILTER): Drums

    Project .44
    (comprised of members of Ministry and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult)

    Project .44 released an ep in Octoher of '96 and supported it with dates throughout the midwest quickly breaking into major Chicago clubs such as Dome Room and Double Door. Their new full length was produced by Acumen Nation/DJ? Acucrack's Jamie Duffy.

    Project .44 receives consistent airplay on the "Rebel Radio Network" which is headquartered in Chicago and has satellite stations in Indiana and Wisconsin. They also receive solid club play from DJ's at some of Chicago's elite clubs such as Dome Room, Exit & Crobar

    Project .44's "chaotic" live show is a direct derivative of the aggressive nature of their music. Two hard pounding drummers flanked by players who attack their instruments, each other and whatever else is around.

    Project .44 is:

    Chri5 Harri5- vox,kybds,programming

    Along with Levi Levi (TKK) and Louis (the big M)- bass and guitar
    Anand Bhatt (back in the day)- lead guitar, violin
    Rob Everhart - percussion


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