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   '98 Catalog  
Here are the Santas currently available over the Internet:
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This Elf stands approximately 14 inches tall
  This Elf stands approximately 31 cm
  or 14 inches tall, not including the hat.
  The hand molded and painted face has a
  beard of sheeps wool.
  Faux fur and gold trim adorn his jacket,
   which is open to reveal a gold vest.
  His pants and jacket are of velvet and
  his boots are trimmed with red, green,
  and gold braid, with
  little bells at the points.
  His arms and legs are wired, so that he can
  either sit or stand, and his hat is also wired,
  to be shaped as you like.
  Choice of a Wine outfit, green outfit,
  wine jacket and green pants,
   or green jacket and wine pants.

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