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Sonia in her sea of Santas
Sonia Stevens (seen above in the sea of santas)
was featured in the
Calgary Herald on November 10th.
Sonia Stevens
artist and designer

163 Wood Valley Rise S.W.
Calgary, AB, Canada

(403) 281-7022

The Christmas season is upon us...
Sonia Stevens has been creating these collectible Santas for 5 years and is pleased to share some of her favorites with you. Details of attire and accessories accompany each individual Santa for your enjoyment of the Christmas season.

All of the Santas and Elves faces are individually molded and hand painted by Sonia. They are not mass produced porcelain, and are all unique and different with their own characteristics. You will not find this face on any other Santa, as they are completely unique!
So, please look around our site, and

Merry Christmas
from Sonia and her family

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Since November 3rd, 1998

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