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Giants Of The Garden

    Trees are not only among the most beautiful works of God, they are also useful in many ways. Centuries ago man depended upon trees for the essentials of life, constructing homes, rafts, tools, and weapons from wood as well as roof thatch, woven fabrics, and baskets from bark, and leaves. Fruits and nuts constituted an important part of diet, while medicines, spices, and dyes were also derived from trees.

     The Art Pack/Study Guide is designed to enable you to help identify some trees on a visual basis with some leaves and seeds of the more common native trees. After time in prayer and research, I discovered God had very special uses for trees in the Bible. Here is what God showed me.
(a) In the beginning Adam & Eve sinned by eating of the fruit of a tree. (no place does the Bible say apple)

(b) Noah's ark was wood (gopher) and saved man from the flood waters.

(c) At the time of Passover the blood was put where? Over the door on the wood so the death angel would pass by.

(d) Jesus earthly father was a carpenter and so was Jesus.

(e) Jesus was crucified on a cross made of wood which was foretold in Psalms 22:16. This was a Roman way of death that the Jews had never used or heard of.

(f) God has enabled man to use trees to record his Word, providing hope for man. (paper) 

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