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Southern Alberta Toy Dog Fanciers
Activities & Education Page

Our club holds classes and seminars throughout the year. Seminars center on education and include many topics, we have enjoyed seminars on Nutrition and Vacinations as well as breed specifc seminiars. In addition we hold an annual Specialty Show, Barbeque, and Christmas Party. We fundraise and hold a monthly meeting which takes place at member's homes on a rotating basis. This meeting begins with a blind potluck dinner and has proven to be a fun time for all. We try to encourage social activities whenever possible and invite anyone interested to contact us either through email or the secretary of the club. Below we have provided some information in PDF format you may download as well as some pictures of our classes. Please note that the Southern Alberta Toy Dog Fanciers makes this information available for educational purposes only.

A handling class Handling class is a relaxed affair

Socialization is fun as well as important

Club Information

Membership Form

Nomination Form

General Information

Min Pin Handbook

Breeding Cycle

Suggested Breed Books

The Chihuahua Handbook (ISBN=0764115219)

Chihuahuas: Everything About ... (ISBN=0812093453)

The New Complete Italian Greyhound (ISBN=0961198621)

The New Miniature Pinscher (ISBN=0876052111)

Miniature Pinschers: Everything About ... (ISBN=0812093461)

Pekingese: Everything About ... (ISBN=0812096762)

General Information Books

Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds (ISBN=0764150979)

Show Me (ISBN=0812097106)

Dog Owners Home Veterinary Handbook (ISBN=0876055374)

Dr. Jim's Animal Clinic for Dogs (ISBN=0876057563)

Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats (ISBN=0875962947)

Anti-Aging for Dogs (ISBN=0312190603)


Line of dog biscuits

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