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March 2001

'Granville f-fetch your cloth!'

"Granville, f-fetch your cloth!"

How many of us have laughed at those few words I wonder? I was one of them and if you are reading this then I suspect you may have been another, unless of course you stumbled across this site in error and if that is the case I hope you will stick around, you have a treat in store.

Whether you were introduced to Ronnie Barker's work by the tight-fisted shopkeeper Arkwright, the worldly-wise convict Norman Stanley Fletcher or maybe it was one of the plethora of strange fast talking tongue-twisitng characters Ronnie brought to life in The Two Ronnies I feel sure that this site will contain something for you. If it doesn't please let me know what I can do and be secure in the knowledge that I will do what I can.

Ronnie retired from the entertainment business in 1988 and yet here I am over eleven years later producing a brand new web site dedicated to the man, why?

This site is written for three main reasons;

  • Mainly to say a big THANK YOU to Mr Barker himself for bringing so much laughter into my life

  • For all Ronnie Barker fans like me who are starved of any kind of site dedicated to our hero

  • Finally to introduce those who have never really seen much, if any, of Mr Barker's work to a true master of his craft (yes there are people like that out there). For those I have a very important message "Seek out some of Ronnie's work and see what you have been missing. I promise you will not be disappointed"

    I hope you like what you see, come back often and please please sign my guestbook (you can give me much needed feed-back there to keep my site accurate and the type of place you will want to return to) to let me know you stopped by, I also welcome eMail too.

    Colin Lawson

  • The site is split up into sections and made very easy to navigate so you can get the information you want quickly and easily. Simply click the button for the section you want to access and away you go...


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    "Many thanks to Ronnie Barker for his help and support in the creation of this site"