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Hello & thank you for your interest in ROGUE Enterprises ........
Establihed in 1998 , ROGUE Enterprises started as a K9 training service, specializing in working dogs - such as those used by Law Enforcement and Search & Rescue. We have now expanded into a full service Public Safety Training facility - offering courses of instruction for Police, Fire/Rescue, EMS and related public safety agencies.

Building upon the belief that successfull training can only begin with a positive & stable foundation of professional level instruction, we restructured the services offered -- please read on to learn more.

As part of our ungoing commitment to provide the BEST over all training available, ROGUE Enterprises has expanded the available training to the Public Safety Sector. These new training programs are designed to provide those involved in Law Enforcement,Fire-Rescue, EMS and Search & Rescue with a better foundation and continuing structure of training in programs beyond just K9.


We are always hearing people complain of having to fit travel time and express into training scheduled -- thus we offer all training programs not only at preselected training locations, but also at YOUR Station (provided you have the required facilities).



As Owner/Training Director , Mr Burrell brings with him over 25 years of combined experience (as both paid & volunteer) in EMS , FIRE/RESCUE , LAW ENFORCEMENT and PUBLIC SAFETY.

Having completed an degree in Public Safety Administration, Mr. Burrell is an active prehospital care provider - currently holding a National Level Advanced Life Support level EMS certification - as well as dozens of other certifications in law enforcement, fire/rescue and EMS topics of training.

In addition to serving as the Training Director and Primary Instructor at REPSTC, Mr Burrell also instructs for a local community college as an adjunct - as well as having been invited to present educational programs at several local and national public safety conferences.

Pa Search & Rescue Council Annual Expo 1999 - Lancaster PA

Pa Search & Rescue Council Annual Expo 2000 - Lancaster PA

Search & Rescue/Disaster Response World Expo 1999 - Nashville TN

Search & Rescue/Disaster Response World Expo 2000 - Miami FL

Pa State EMS Conference 2003 - Lancaster Pa


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