Ian Mackaye and Henry Rollins   My heros! Founders/pioneers in  the hardcore punk field, these fellas really know how to rouse an  audience. Ian Mackaye is probably one of the coolest people out there, because he is STRAIGHTEDGE!!   I feel this picture depicts punk culture because of the obvious bonding between Henry and Ian. sigh... : )

Dead Kennedys Live    This picture really depicts punk culture for many ways.The way Jello Biafra is screaming and expressing himself, lyrically and physically. The way the everyone is together, not the audience AND the band. Also, the way everyone seems to be lettting themselves go and is free.

Boston Punks    This picture depicts punk culture by the way everyone in the audience and on stage is connecting. At most concerts except punk, the band members never come out into the audience or really make contact with the crowd. Plus, this audience really got into music. It is such an experience to go to a concert and sing your favorite music so boldly along with the musicians.        

Ian Mackaye live     I love this picture. Ian Mackaye is the god of Straightedge Hardcore punk. He paved the way for wonderful hardcore sXe bands such as Refused and Earth Crisis. Ian Mackaye looks so awesome in this picture. I wish I could have seen a live Minor Threat show.

Broken Michael Jackson 45 - I found this in my friend Krystal Miller's basement during her party, already broken. Beautiful, isn't it? It prefectly reprensents how I feel about Michael Jackson. Some Michael Jackson songs you can't help but sing along to, but end up singing the Weird Al parody of them instead because you get the words confused!

Kristen on A rock.- My old skool friend Kristen on a rock in a sewer. When we were friends, we often took crazy pictures. This one is my most favorite.

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