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link2.gif (737 bytes)HOMIE'S PAGES-Pages my friends have made
link2.gif (737 bytes) BANDS Links to MANY MANY punk, Oi!, and hardcore band pages
link2.gif (737 bytes) PUNK PAGES Links to pages about punk music and punk culture.
link2.gif (737 bytes)RECORD COMPANIES-Links to all the best punk record labels, hardcore record labels, and indie record labels.
link2.gif (737 bytes) SOUNDSLinks to sites the have punk sounds (MP3s, midis, clips, waves etc.)
link2.gif (737 bytes) GEEEETAR STUFF Guitar chord links
link2.gif (737 bytes) VARIOUS FUN STUFFLinks to pages involving things such as ordering giant cockroaches, slang words in every language, dancing hamsters, and Robot Commandos.
link2.gif (737 bytes) VOMIT AND POOP STUFF Links to pages such as Kevin Kelm's Virtual Vomit and P.O.O.P. (people of the ocean pimps).
link2.gif (737 bytes) ANTIs AND BOYCOTTS Links to pages that boycott Nike and censorship, and pages that are against conformity
link2.gif (737 bytes) ART STUFF Links with pictures of paintings and histories of art
link2.gif (737 bytes) HUMAN RIGHTS Links to pages about Human rights

bul13.gif (306 bytes)Dissection of Punk Culture- site by me and Krrrrristen
OFALLON PUNK KORAN- also by us, which will be better than this page


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