If I used any of your pictures tell me and I will gladly credit you with it...

        If you do or don't want you page linked to mine tell me

        Otherwise... read the rest of this to find out what you can and can't use.

1. If you want to use any of my pictures I don't mind, that is the point of the internet right?

2. If you want to use any of my text stuff, like my stuff out my section on bands... you are weird... why would you want to use someone else's opinion? I don't care if you do, just tell me so I can feel proud that someone wanted to use my writings and be happy.

    So basically I am saying everything is up for taking accept for stories because that is just mean if you don't credit the author with the story. That is the way the internet ought to be right? As long as people credit other people with their work when it comes to stories and things, everything should be free for grabs.

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