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            Welcome to MY site! The picture below is of one of my good friends, Kristen. I have an old American Flag (some of the stars are painted green) and she and I were messing around with it and taking goofy pictures, and this awesome one turned up. I'm not sure if it is knocking politics or not, it just looks awesome! 

This page is full of punk and political paraphernalia. It is dedicated to all the real punks out there who are trying so hard to preserve their culture in a world full of Blink-182 wannabe green haired chain-smoking posers!

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By the way, the link colors on this page are possesed so...BEWARE!  (oh, and all underlined things are hyperlinks : )  
Previous Pictures- I like to change the picture below every so often. The picture always reflects on punk culture.
I try to update the page as often as possible!

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