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Welcome To Prosperity Mail

Featuring ICQ Integration

Your Home For Free User Friendly Internet E-Mail

Direct paging to both regular and alpha-numeric pagers from any computer.

Access your E-Mail from anywhere in the world and enjoy these state-of-the-art features such as:

- ICQ Integration, broadcast messages to all your friends and family.

- Send text messages to alpha-numeric pagers, or just a phone number to any pager.

- Automatic mail filters to your specifications.

- Receive messages from your other POP accounts.

Whether for personal or business use, you can stay in touch most effectively with these state-of-the-art features, sending your message using any or all 3 methods.

Do you need to reach someone who doesn't have E-Mail or have a computer for that matter? Page them from your computer and send your E-Mail message directly to their pager!

Prosperity Mail brings you the most cost effective connectivity to stay in touch with a wider range of people more effectively. And what's more,


A fully equipped service such as this residing in the office would cost you a small fortune, along with maintenance, lease, and the monthly service fee of a third party message center with its banks of operators to take your message after you call them, perhaps even getting the message wrong, then type in for you what you will now be able to type in yourself, and send immediately just the way you want it!

You're savvy, it's yours for free, right here, right now.

Good for personal use, it's splendid for businesses whose vendors, contacts and employees use pagers, particularly text pagers. And your message can be broadcast to any combination of pagers, ICQ clients or E-Mail accounts at once! You choose.

Whether for personal or business, it's easy to use, keeps you in contact as best you can, protects your privacy and costs nothing!
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