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The following has been placed as, " Information Only". All information posted, is just as we received it. All changes & updates are made as we receive them. If you see any information that you believe to be incorrect, please let us know. We will determine if changes need to be made or the link needs to be completely deleted.

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We have been involved with several programs, of this type over the last few years. Some worked better than others and some did not work at all. The reason that most of the programs did not work, was because they were shut down by the government before they had a chance to do so. I have seen enough of them work, that I know they can provided they are ran properly and given enough time to do so. Each of must evaluate the information for ourselves and make our own decision if we care to participate or not! These programs are totally passive in nature. However, if you choose to promote them, you can make additional money. Check'm out!

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