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NO SPAM Policy!

If you were sent to this web site by SPAM, please contact us at:
Be sure and attach a copy of the message you received and any other information you may have on the sender!

Pegasus Marketing Systems & Stonegate International have strict anti-spam policies and will not hesitate to pursue whatever legal recourse necessary to enforce these policies. "Spam" or "Spamming" is the broadcasting of unsolicated e-mail, which is usually, but not necessarily, sent for commercial purpose.

Any subsequent spamming incident that you generate will be grounds for immediate termination of all services and member/marketer status

If a member chooses to bulk e-mail, please do so responsibly. Most ISP have a simuliar policy. You could lose your ISP and email provider.

Under NO circumstances is any member/marketer authorized to expose any Pegasus Marketing Systems' or Stonegate International's URL in any bulk or unsolicated email.

Play it safe, just don't do it!

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