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The Secrets of Leadership

By Doug Firebaugh

Leadership. Itís one of the most important, but least focused upon aspects of direct marketing. Simply put, leadership is the secret weapon of direct marketing. It drives the building of downlines and the management of the companies themselves. It drives the training of the new distributors, new product development, and retailing the product. There is no function in direct marketing that is not influenced by leadership.

Why is there so much lip service to it, but not much training? Thatís simple. There is a huge difference between training leaders and leadership training. One can train a room full of leaders on any topic, but usually everything except leadership is taught. This is because there is a lack of awareness regarding leadership skills.

First, one must be aware of what leadership instruction is. Second, one must engage in its educational aspects. Leadership instruction deals with five areas:
1) Vision - what you see for the success of your business
2) Direction - the steps of how you are going to plan, engage, navigate your group.
3) Influence - tapping into the power of relationships built on character, honesty, enthusiasm, "heart talk", and true caring for the person, not just the paycheck.
4) Environment - creating the atmosphere of hope, possibilities and a future of incredible change for the best.
5) Empowerment - encouraging, and believing in your people and giving them the tools, instruction and confidence to excel beyond anything theyíve done before.

A leader is always evolving and becoming. We teach the L.I.A.C.P. principle-- Leadership Is A Construction Project as this business, and you as a leader, must constantly be on a growth curve to the next level.
1) Make a decision to work your business through the eyes of a leader, not just a distributor.
2) Engage in leadershipsuccess study.
3) Find a powerful mentor; or become a powerful mentor.

But so often leadership is ignored. So many times a good distributor with great potential builds an organization and it totally falls apart. Why does this happen? The distributor was taught how to do this business, but not how to engage leadership. The lack of awareness and of leadership skills sabotaged the efforts and as a result, the organization outgrew the distributor.

Leadership - strong leadership - builds the business for the longterm, not just the short term. When, throughout the industry, there is an increase in the awareness of the importance of leadership training, and actual leadership training takes place, a significant drop in attrition in downlines will occur, and fortunes will explode in the industry.

written by Doug Firebaugh

Doug draws upon a wide spectrum of experience through his nearly twenty years of study and research in the leadership and success fields. While in the process of helping others pursue their dreams, he established and built and international business that created multi millions in sales. He specialized in building and maintaining an organization with less than a 20% attrition rate. As Chairman/CEO of PassionFire International, he is dedicated to helping direct and mentor people in their leadership and success pursuits.

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