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Our Unique Compensation Plan!

Want active buyers? We got them!...
Want a great nixie guarantee? We got it!...
Want a compensation plan that will put BIG
bucks in your pocket! We got it!...Want a
compensation that will provide
spillover? We got it!
As a purchaser each month, you quailify to receive an enrollers bonus of $5.00 on the monthly purchase of leads by your personal referrals! You also Qualify to receive commissions on purchases made by your downline each month. Our compensation plan is a 5 Wide X 6 Deep Forced matrix which pays $1.00 on Level1 - 6!!!! A full matrix pays $19,530.00 monthly!! PLUS unlimited monthly income on all personals!!! Multiple entries are allowed if you need more than 90 leads monthly. Each entry is treated as another matrix or income center!

All orders are mailed within 24 hrs of receipt. Commissions and Enrollers Bonuses are mailed on the 15th of each month for orders that were received between the 1st and the last business day of the previous month.

For only $17.00 monthly, we can provide you with 90 postal leads of active buyers on Peel & Stick labels! These leads are yours! You can use them as many times as you wish or you can Resale them for a profit! For each nixie (undeliverable), we will refund you 33¢ PLUS 5 new leads!
YES! Count me in! Enclosed is $17 USA ($23 outside USA) for my purchase of 90 leads of active buyers on Peel 7 Stick labels. Please RUSH my Order and include camera ready material so I can start including them in my mailing!                 Sponsor ID:#58




Make Payable & Mail to:
2290-B FM 980
Huntsville, TX 77340