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Ortho Mattress/Bedtime Showrooms
The mattress and bed store for you.

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This is a sample of the coils used 
in a Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress.
Compare the durable "Rhythm
in Wire" perfomance of
Continous Mira-coil Design
to any other sleep product

Because it combines resilient
comfort, body support, weight
distribution, pressure equalization,
Continuous Mira-coil Design
makes for a great night's sleep
in any sleeping position.

If you have questions about mattresses, read our answers, or send me a message. To get to the nearest store, you can call for directions. We sell electric adjustable beds too. Our site also has some information about beds.

Features and benefits
of the Serta system

As this page grows, I'll be adding information on the beds (headboard and footboard sets that we also carry. We catalog the entire collection of Wesley Allen beds. We also carry a promotional line up of beds by I.E.M.

Our store carries Serta Mattress company's complete line of mattresses; from their absolute premium Perfect Nights collection, to the promotional quality points more popular for guest room use. We have firm mattresses, as well as mattresses with firm internal support and a plush top. Please stop by one of our showrooms in the San Francisco bay area to see and hear about our mattress gallery!

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This is a slow loading page. It has pictures of articles from Furniture Today magazine. (A furniture trade magazine.) It has information about Serta's ultra premium mattresses, a study by Simmons on sleep (in which their expert would endorse any specific Simmons mattress),and an article about the benefits of softer mattresses.

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More about Serta. (as a business)

These people make floatation beds. If you want a bed filled with water, this might be an option. (Years ago, Ortho sold mattresses made by Somma. "Land and Sky" bought the rights to manufacture beds using their construction techniques.)

Infoseek results when I searched for Magnetic mattress pads. (If you believe they'll help, here are some links. I personally do not endorse any benefits from magnetic fields.

Cancer info: This article says there is no study linking EMFs to cancer. (i.e. electric blankets or mattress pads.) I happen to agree that an electric blanket or mattress pad is safe (from a Electro-Magnetic Field standpoint.) I still think that an electric mattress pad should be replaced periodically to keep it from being a fire hazard as the wires break down.

Low-air-loss beds: This has some interesting information on beds for people who will be spending a LOT of time in bed. It DOESN'T really relate to the average sleeper.

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