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Freedom Trail Playground

 Yukon, Oklahoma!



"The love and support for all children in this community has inspired

development of a place where all children are

Free to laugh

Free to play

Free to grow

Free to dream

Free to be a child."


Freedom Trail Playground is located in Yukon, Oklahoma in the City Park along the Old Chisholm Trail. It is designed with a western frontier theme, and features play activities for ALL children, including those with physical and mental disabilities.

In the summer of 1995, volunteers came together to start building Freedom Trail Playground. With the help from citizens, businesses, and corporations, over $200,000 has been raised. Each of the areas listed below is accessible with interconnecting sidewalks, and each play activity is accessible.






Each donor to The Freedom Trail Playground had their name engraved on a granite plaque and placed at the entrance to the playground for recognition. The Lucent Technology Pioneers also painted a map of the United States at the entrance to Freedom Trail Playground!



Toddler Area

This area was the first area to be built. It features scaled down play equipment for children ages 3-5 years old. The center piece choo-choo train has a variety of play activities and a low wide slide for toddlers.


Super Structure

Consists of a large piece of play equipment linked together by fun bridges and ladders. Two towers are wheelchair accessible, with the third tower being a challenging climb to the top. Slides, climbers, poles, stairs and ramps offer challenges to every child. A variety of swings are also accessible.


Archeological Sand Dig

With a sod house background, children can dig for cow bones, or for a dinosaur, along with other Oklahoma artifacts. There are two wheelchair transfer stations and plenty of curved rock walls to lean against. Kids can also play in the waterfall with fools gold and other lost treasures.


Children's Tree Memorial

Nineteen trees were planted by the Lucent Technology Pioneers in memory of the nineteen children who died in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. A granite plaque and benches mark the area around the memorial.



Musical Playscape

Bond Anderson, a musician from Georgia, created several musical playscapes at the Freedom Trail for everyone to play beautiful music.



Game Area

Was designed with the older child in mind and features a basketball court with goals that raise and lower, as well as a Bankshot basketball game and a small picnic pavilion that is wheelchair accessible.


If you would like more information about Freedom Trail or you are
interested in building a playground in your community please contact:

Jan Scott
Yukon Parks and Recreation Director
Yukon Community Center
2200 Holly
Yukon, Okla. 73099
(405) 354-8442

brochures available with a printed map

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