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CLASSIC MOVIE MONSTERS - by Donald F. Glut. In this work Don Glut covers nine of the greatest screen monsters and fiends - the Wolf Man, Dr. Jekyll (and his alter ego Mr. Hyde), the Invisible Man, the Mummy, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Phantom of the Opera, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, King Kong & Godzilla. With a chapter on each, Glut tells the complete story - in legend. literature, theatre, motion pictures, radio, TV, records, and comic books. This 442 clothbound hardcover was published in 1978 by Scarecrow Press

OF GODS AND MONSTERS - by John T. Soister is a critical guide to Universal Studios' science fiction, horror, and mystery films from 1929 to 1939. Each film receives an in-depth essay, a detailed plot synopsis with critical commentary, and filmographic data. (504 pages)

IT'S ALIVE! - THE CLASSIC CINEMA SAGA OF FRANKENSTEIN - by Gregory William Mank is the history of the Frankenstein movies. This book is approximately 8.5 x 11 (196 pages with 86 photos) and was published in 1981 by A.S. Barnes just a few years before that company went out of business. We have located a small case of this title we have had in stock for over twenty years and are offering them for sale for

THE FRANKENSTEIN CATALOG - by Donald F. Glut is a 420 page hardcover book that contains a comprehensive listing of virtually everything in every type of media concerning the most famous monster of all time. Over 50 photos, this was published in 1984 by McFarland

KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES! - By Bill Warren is a 1344 page one volume paperback edition of the two volume hard cover reference book set (costing $85.00) that covers science fiction films from 1950 through 1962.
One Volume soft cover edition is - $35.00

STAR TREK ANNOTATED GUIDE - by Susan Gibberman (445 page hardcover) to resources on the development, the phenomenon, the people, the television series, the films, the novels, and the recordings. Published 1991 by McFarland


SCIENCE FICTION, HORROR & FANTASY FILM AND TELEVISION CREDITS - two volumes and two supplements published by McFarland & Company
Volume 1 (1983) - $115.00
Volume 2 (1983) - $115.00
Volume 3 (2001) - $75.00
Three Volume Set - $195.00

FEMME NOIR - THE BAD GIRLS OF FILM - by Karen Burroughs Hannsberry. forty-nine stars (including Stanwyck, Tierney, Crawford, Peggy Castle, Hope Emerson and Helen Walker) receive biographies with filmography of noir appearances (643 pages)

CHARLIE CHAN AT THE MOVIES - by Ken Hanke is a 288 page hardcover book (library binding) that presents a complete history, filmography, and criticism of each and every movie of the famous film detective Charlie Chan. Biographies of the three most famous Chans (Warner Oland, Sidney Toler, and Roland Winters) are included. In depth feature on each movie and plenty of photographs. We found the comments of Keye Luke (about the films in which he played the son) to be a very welcome addition to the book. Published in 1989 by McFarland

CRIME MOVIE POSTERS - is a book containing full color photos of 376 movie posters from silent films to the present day. Published in 1997 by Bruce Hershenson and available through our fan club for

DARK CITY: THE FILM NOIR - by Spencer Selby (263 page paperback) is the reference book of the genre. Published in 984 by McFarland

THE VANISHING LEGION - A HISTORY OF MASCOT PICTURES 927 TO 1935 - by Jon Tuska is a 230 page paperback book containing a complete historical account of Mascott and includes a critical treatment of every feature and every serial produced by the company during its nine years of operation. Stars - Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Ken Maynard, John Wayne and Yakima Canutt -- and stories -- The Phantom Empire, The Miracle Rider, Shadow of the Eagle -- fill this absorbing work. Published in 1982 by McFarland & company

TELEVISION CHARACTER AND STORY FACTS - by Vincent Terrace is a 512 page large 8½ x 11½ hardcover book (includes 104 photographs) covers 1,008 shows seen between 1945 and 1992. Each entry includes principal cast network broadcast dates, and more. Published 1993 by McFarland

INVESTING IN COMICS - by D. W. Howard is the complete investor's guide to collectible comic books by one of the experts in the field. This 184 page book was published in 1988 by Downeys

THE THREE STOOGES SCRAPBOOK - by Jeff Lendburg, Joan Howard Maurer, and Greg Lendburg is a treasure chest with hundreds of illustrations of the stooges and the people associated with them. This 288 page book was published by Citadel Press

HOGAN'S HEROES - by Brenda Scott Royce is a comprehensive reference and episode guide to the 1965 to 1971 television series. Includes 52 photographs on its 303 pages (hardcover) published by McFarland & Company in 1993

SATURDAY MORNING TV - by Gary H. Grossman. This is a large 8½ x 11½ book with 424 pages that covers thirty years of the television programs that at some time in your life you waited all week to watch. Included is a complete year-by-year record of every network show ever aired on Saturday morning, and hundreds of illustrations. Published in 1981 by Dell Publishing Co.

CULT MOVIES - by Danny Peary is a 402 page large 8½ x 11" book with in depth chapters on 100 films from the silent era to the present that fans see again and again. Just a few of those included are: Billy Jack, House of Wax, Johnny Guitar, The Maltese Falcon, Man of the West, Rebel Without a Cause, Rio Bravo, Tarzan and His Mate, The Wild Bunch, and ninety more. There are over 400 photos in this Delta Book published by Dell in 1981.
Price reduced to $10.00

Western Stars of Country Music - by Robert K. Krishef and Bonnie Lake is a 72 page hard cover book that includes chapters of Tex Ritter, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Bob Wills, and more. Published in 1978 by Lerner.

STUNT FLYING IN THE MOVIES - by Jim and Maxine Greenwood. This 256 page cloth bound hardcover includes 207 illustrations. It is an entertaining look at the exciting world of Hollywood aviation, from the earliest days of the cinema to the present era of incredible flying feats. Wings, The Great Air Robbery, Hell's Angels, The Dawn Patrol, Pancho Barnes, Howard Hughes, to James Bond, Black Sheep Squadron, and more is covered. Published in 1982 by Tab Books.
Price reduced to $10.00

All these books were in stock when this page was updated on Thursday, March 27, 2003. We do NOT have unlimited stock of all titles. In cases where a company raises the price of an item, as for example McFarland has done with many of their books, we will continue to sell our current stock at the price we bought the books for, but when we run out of our current stock and have to obtain more from McFarland we will notify you of the new price before we send out the order and ask if you still want it at the current higher price.

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