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Your Own Business On the Internet

This is the letter that's been in the news so much lately. Due to the popularity of this letter on the internet, a major nightly news program recently devoted an entire show to the investigation of the program desribed below, to find out if it truly can make people money!

The show also investigated whether or not this program is legal. Their findings proved once and for all that there are absolutely no laws prohibiting participation.

Results have been truly remarkable! So many people are now participating that those involved are doing even better than before! Since everyone makes more money as MORE people try it out, it's very exciting to be a part of it...and you will understand,
once you experience it!

The following income opportunity is one that you may be very interested in taking a look at. It can be started with very little investment and the income return is TREMENDOUS! Simply follow the instructions and this marketing program works perfectly...100% every time.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), has finally gained respectability. It is being taught at Harvard Business School, and both Stanford Research and the Wall Street Journal have stated that between 50% and 65% of all goods and services will be sold through multi-level methods by the end of 1999. MLM is a multi-billion dollar industry and of the 530,000 millionaires in the United States, 228,000 made their fortune in MLM.

Donald Trump once made an appearance on the David Letterman show. Dave asked him what he would do if he lost everything and had to start over from scratch. Without hesitating, Trump said that he would find a good network marketing company and get to work. The audience started to boo and hoot at him, but he looked out at the audience and dead-panned his response: "That's why I'm sitting up here and you are all sitting out there!"

With network marketing you have two sources of income:

(1) Direct commissions from sales you make yourself
(2) Commissions from sales made by people you introduce to the business

Residual income is the secret of the wealthy! It means investing once, then getting paid over and over again. In network marketing, it also means
getting paid for the work of others!

This information is something I almost let slip through my fingers. Fortunately, some time later I re-read everything, giving some thought and study to it. Most programs I receive, in my opinion, are not cost effective. They are either too difficult to understand or the initial investment is too great for many people to risk to find out if they work.

After checking out this program, doing a little math, and checking with the postal service, I realized that it is indeed a legal, money-making phenomenon! And so simple, anyone can do it! The great thing about
promoting and running the program via email or a webpage (or both)
is that it doesn't cost you anything but your time!

This is a great opportunity with little initial cost or risk. If you choose to participate, follow the program, and follow the rules, you will be on your way to financial security in a very short time! You can make more money in the next few months than you have ever thought possible with a program like this.

Follow the instructions EXACTLY, do not change the program in any way. Email the program to everyone you can think of -- one of the people you send it to may send out 50,000 emails...and your name will be on every one of them! And the more you send out yourself, the more customers you will reach! It's up to YOU --


-- all you have to do
is follow the instructions!


This method of raising capital really works! I am sure that you could use up to $50,000 or more in the next 90 days.
Before you say "BULL...", please read on. This is not a chain letter, but a perfectly legal money-making opportunity. Basically, this is what you do as with all multi-level businesses, you build your business by recruiting new partners and selling your products. Every state in the U.S. allows you to recruit new multi-level business partners, and we offer a product for every dollar sent.

Your orders come by postal mail and are filled by email, so you are not involved in personal selling. You conduct business privately in your own home, store, or office. This is the best multi-level mail marketing program anywhere!

To succeed with the program, you MUST do the following:

[1] Order all 4 reports shown on the list below.
You cannot sell them if you don't order them.

*For each report, send $5.00 cash,
Name and number of the report you are ordering
Your email address

To the person whose name appears below the report.
Make sure your return address is on your envelope in case of any mail problems.

*When placing your orders, make sure you order each of the four reports! You will need all four reports so that you can save them on your computer and resell them!

*Within a few days, you will receive each of the reports in your email. Save them on your computer so they will be accessible for you to send to the 1,000's of people who will be ordering them from you!

[2] Important--Do Not alter the names of the people who are listed next to each report, or their sequence on the list, in any way other than what is instructed below, or you will lose out on the majority of your profits! Once you understand how this works, you will also see how it does not work if you change it!

[3] Look below for the listing of available business reports.

[4] After you have ordered the four reports, copy this entire page into your word processor. Remove the name and address under Report #4. This person has made it through the cycle and is no doubt counting their $50,000!

[5] Move the name and address under Report #3 down to Report #4.

[6] Move the name and address under Report #2 down to Report #3.

[7] Move the name and address under Report #1 down to Report #2.

[8] Insert YOUR name and address in the Report #1 position.
Make sure that you have copied every name and address correctly.

[9] Now you are ready to start advertising your program! Be sure to start immediately! Thousands of web sites offer effective free advertising, and later, with all the incoming orders, you will have plenty of cash for paid advertising!

[10] For every $5.00 you receive, all you must do is email the customer the report they ordered! That's it! Always provide same-day service on all orders! This will help guarantee that the email your customer sends out with YOUR Name and Address on it will be prompt, since they can't advertise until they receive the report!


Important Notes:
**Order each report by Number and Name
**Always send $5 cash for each report
**Make sure the cash is concealed
in a folded sheet of paper
with the following information:
[1] Number and name of report
[2] Your email address
[3] Your postal address


Order Report #1 from:

Austin Online
233 Worley Road
Marion, NC 28752


Order Report #2 from:

19573 Mtn Meadow N.
Middletown, CA 95461


Order Report #3 from:

K.G. Allen
PMB #202
2955 N. McCarran Blvd #107
Sparks, NV 89431-1886


Order Report #4 from:
Angelo Santiago
248 W. Park Avenue, Suite 313
Long Beach, NY 11561


Let's say that you decide to start small just to see how well the program works. Assume your goal is to get 10 people to participate on your first level. (Placing free ads online will easily get a much larger response.)
Also assume that everyone else in your organization gets ONLY 10 participants.
Check out the staggering results:

1st Level -- Your 10 people ($5 x 10) = $50
2nd Level -- 10 people from those 10 ($5 x 100) = $500
3rd Level -- 10 people from those 100 ($5 x 1,000) = $5,000
4th Level -- 10 people from those 1,000 ($5 x 10,000) = $50,000

TOTAL = $55,550

Remember, this assumes that the people who participate recruit ONLY 10 people each! Think for a moment what would happen if they got 20 people to participate! And it's EASY for many people to get 100's of participants!

If you have any questions as to the legality of this program, please contact:
Office of Associate Director for Marketing Practices
Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection
Washington, DC


$$ Send for the four reports IMMEDIATELY so you will have them when the orders start coming in because when you receive each $5 order, you MUST send out the requested product/report to comply with the U.S. Postal & Lottery Laws, Title 18, Sections 1302 and 1341 which state "a product or service must be exchanged for money received".

$$ Treat this as your business! Be prompt, professional, and follow the instructions accurately.

$$ Always provide same-day service on the orders you receive!

$$ Be persistent and accurate--the results WILL undoubtedly be SUCCESSFUL!


$$ Every time your name is moved down on the list
you are placed next to a different report.
You can keep track of your progress by noting which report
people are ordering from you!

$$ There is no limit to the amount of income
you will generate with this business!


Sean McLaughlin - Jackson, MS
"This program works when you follow it exactly! Especially the rule of not trying to place your name in a different position; it won't work and you'll lose a lot of potential income. I'm living proof that the program works! It really is a great opportunity and if you choose to participate, you'll be on your way to financial security!"

Frank T. - Bel-Air, MD
I am a cost accountant with a major U.S. Corporation and I make pretty good money. When I received this program, I grumbled to my wife about receiving "junk mail". I made fun of the whole thing, but my wife jumped in with both feet. Within two weeks, she received over 50 responses. Within 45 days, she had received $35,000 in $5 bills! I was totally shocked! I had been sure that it wouldn't work, but I AM a believer now! I have joined my wife in her "hobby" and I am retiring 7 years earlier than planned -- the rat race is not for me! We owe it all to MLM.

Paul Johnson - Raleigh, NC
I just want to pass along my best wishes and encouragement to you. Any doubts you have will vanish when your first orders come in. I even checked with the U.S. Post Office to verify that the program was legal. It is. And IT DEFINITELY WORKS!!

Charles Fairchild - Spokane, WA
I was approached several times before I checked this out. Not being the gambling type, it took me awhile to decide to participate in this plan. Then I realized that the initial investment was so little, there was no way I wouldn't get at least enough orders to make my money back. What a jolt I got when the responses came pouring in! I'll make more money this year than in any 10 years of my life before! This is my third time to participate in this plan. Don't pass it off -- you could be laughing all the way to the bank.


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