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Today is...Wednesday May 9th 2001 5:15 pm

Lalalalalalalaaa!!! Life is so incredibly sweet, exxpet for a few major details which i will bring up later....the gc/mxpx concert totally KICKED ASS!!! Well i can't really say much about mxpx because me and francine were talking to paul from gc for most of the mxpx show until he made us go watch it...he's like, "Y'know, i've seen mike from mxpx half-naked, he's not that bad..." and i said, "ya i know" and i can't really remember the exact things we said but i'm trying...someone (prolly me) said, "oh u should get half-naked..." and then paul goes, "haha maybe later" and i was like, "hey! i know! you could do it right now!!!" that was so well as "you're sss..sss...sorry???" lol remember fran? anywho, i am now a full-fledged gc obsessed fan...i met all of them- billy, joel, aaron, paul and benji...haha when we first walked in, we saw billy and we freaked out and started following him...then i saw him go to the tshirt stand so i went to buy a tshirt and as he was coming around, i accidently (i swear!!) tripped him and he fell on me and he was like, "oh i'm so sorry" when it was totally my fault...then i bought my tshirt from him and he's like, "how much are these things in canadian dollars?" lol i found that funny...and then he signed it...then i put it on and got all of them to sign it...muahahahaha..."We ain't got no place to go...let's go to the punk rawk show...." that song is so cool from mxpx...they were cool too, but i didn't meet all of them...I'm really mad tho....only the pic with me, fran and joel and the pic with fran and billy showed up..the rest didn't!!!! the one w/paul was so adorable, he had his leg up on me (that sounds wrong but it wasn't nasty...i wish, lol) and i'm so MAD!!! ARGH!!!!!! stupid ppl who took our pics...:( i want to cry...but at least i got my pic with joel and i look ok in that pic...but fran doesn't...she's all red (poor u) oh well u got the pic w/billy :( poor me. lol. ok i think i've gotten into enough detail about this..2 days until sum 41!!!! woo-hoo!!! but gc was better....:) byebye- melmel

Today is...Saturday April 21st 2001 8:39 pm

I bought my good charlotte/mxpx concert tix today!!! It took us forever plus 20 minutes to get to Rotate This on Queen st. w. and i was exstatic when we got out...i think i spelled exstatic wrong. whatever. I'm not really happy now though...i have that stupid stupid project on some dumb french singer due on monday and i really don't wanna do it...stupid Daniel Bélanger...nothing against him, but i would've much rather done Bran Van least i can stand to listen to them...ok enough complaining....think happy thoughts....sum 41....good charlotte...billy....joel.....ok i feel better...buhbye- melissa

Today is...Sunday April 1st 2001 9:22 pm

I'M GOING CRAZZZZZEEEEEE!!!!!! HA HA APRIL FOOLS. That wasn't funny, was it? Ah, who cares what you think anyway. Love songs suck. They sound nice, but the words sound dumb. Yet I continue to listen to them. What the hell am i talking about? Maybe I wasn't too off with the crazzzeeee thing. THAT'S ME!!! Ummm...what was i going to write....hmmm....can't remember. too bad. actually i do remember but like i would write it here. puh-LEAZE. i'm not THAT stupid. maybe i am. should i write it??? NAH. NEVERMIND I SAID ANYTHING. Oh and...i forgot what Oh was. OH WELL. they should make a movie about my life. it would be funny, like in the movies when someone crashes into a pole or totally humilates themselves and you're sitting there going, "oh god she's an idiot". That's me. I'M THE IDIOT. for all u ppl out there who don't know me, i am not insane. mentally imbalanced maybe, but not insane. not yet. give me a few years. ok g2g do my french oral report (due tomorow...i'm gonna DIE.) ok byebye melmel

Today is...Friday March 16th 2001 9:02 pm

HEYLO HI-LO HI-HI HI-FI...i am crazy and high and why isn't gilmore girls on?!?!?!?! bastards. this crap show is on now!!! grrrr....anyway. i don't like writing on this page cause...well...i dunno, i'm just lazy. i'm a spoiled lazy self-centered bitch. :P and i love it. i saw 15 minutes was sooooooooooo good....i liked it so much even though i was mostly drooling over ed burns...he's HOT. and to whoever was there @ the walking-along-progress experience, then let's just say i had a similar experience tonight, except slightly worse...damn TTC. WEEEEELLLLLLLL....i think i'm finished for now!!! i'm so sleeeeeeppppyyy....and my tongue is burned from an od of sour skittles...ouch....ok BUHBYE *melmel*

Today is...Tuesday February 27th 2001 7:01 pm

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!! I don't really like writing on this page. i think i'll get rid of it soon. unless anyone objects, which no one will cause no one reads this anyhow. RIGHT???? bye!!- mel (hehe it's better than FRANNY!!! take that!!!)

Today is...Tuesday February 13th 2001 9:19 pm

Hi hi. I don't know why i'm writing again. oh well. FIRST OF ALL.....i hate valentines day. it's simply a ploy to get ppl to waste tons of money on cards, candy and chocolate, to supposedly PROVE their love. please. and i'm not just cynical because i don't have a boyfriend. i've always hated valentine's day. there's no fucking point to it!!! ok i've wasted enough time talking about that. NOW. there's this really cool song that i downloaded off napster (i'm about to rant about the court hearing) called 'I'm afraid of Britney spears' by liveonrelease. they're canadian. theyre the only all-chick punkrock band i've heard in a long time. and they're all like the same age as me which makes me want to start a band even though i can't play or sing shit. i'll be a dj or something LOL. OK moving on to my napster rant...WHY ARE THEY TAKING IT AWAY FROM ME?!?!?!?!?! for all you ppl that have been living as hermits in the northwest territories for the past year, napster is the thing that you can exchange music with. for FREE. FREE is my favourite word. ok it's my second favourite word. my first favourite word is another four letter word- fuck!!! anywho. ok i'm really sleepy and i need chapstick or else i'm gonna die (if you know me well enough, you know about my lipsmackers obsession)(obsession doesn't even begine to describe it) OK I NEED LIPSMACKERS BYE -mj

Today is...Friday February 2nd 2001 7:09 pm

Hello world. i'm in a lazy mood and i'm procrastinating (as usual). I don't want to do my science report- that'll make me even sleepier than i already am and i shouldn't be sleepy cause i've had practically the whole week off cause of exams. and THEN i'm gonna have to wake up @6 again on tuesday cause i have a day 1. damn. i went to the eaton centre today :). i got new shoes. :) and the incubus cd. :).
i heard they're gonna charge for napster in july!!! !!! !!! they can't do that. that's unfair. to cheap ppl like myself.
oh and i now have brown/blonde/blue hair. its barely visible, but i know it's there. my mom doesn't know yet. *uh-oh* it'll wash out. eventually.
i wonder how old ppl think i am. i won't even get into why i'm questioning that. my lovely cousin sarah knows, and I'll make sure she's the only person who knows. too humiliating to share. *shivers* it's cold. it's always cold. it's winter dammit. ARGH. why am i so sleepy? ok. oh yeaah- i went to edge 102 today. i got to see autographed stuff from sum 41 and linkin park and foo fighters and treble charger and i saw a HUGE picture of daniel johns that I'd like to steal from them and put on my wall. edge 102 rocks- other than the fact that they got rid of george stroumboulopoulos (yes i can spell his name. shaddup.) and alan cross too. grr...OK i think that this is pushing the limits of my attention span. BUHBYE all. -melitta. lol.

Today is...Thursday January 19th 2001 4:57 pm

HEY EVERYONE!!!! I'm really happy today!!! I forgot to write about edge electric was FUN...there were hot guys my age, LOTS of older hot guys (like jon siebels from eve 6) and great music (like eve6) treble charger were ok...but i liked eve 6 the life changed after i saw that show...and after i met max and robin got a hug from him *smacks herself on the head and screams 'idiot!!'* and me being the stupid ass bitch that i am, i didn't take a least it wasn't jon that i met. if it was, i'd be sobbing right now...anywho...BLABLABLA i'm tired yet happy...well, that's all for now folks (didn't i say that last time? whatever) buh-bye! LOVE MELISSA SIEBELS (j/k) MELISSA ********

Today is...Friday December 15th 2000 10:46 pm

Tomorrow-- i am going to edge electric christmas...treble charger, gob and eve 6...unfortunately no Sum 41 dammit!! (don't u dare laugh francine) (*cone...*) i'm tired and my butt is stuck to the computer chair...j/ sleeeeeeepppyyyy....can't keep eyes open...ok i give up i'm sleeping now bye sleepy tired bitch whose butt is stuck to the computer chair...blah!-melissa