Not to get off on a rant, but...
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Not to get off on a rant, but...

Rant #1- Being sick on Holidays and never getting sick during school

Now. Right now, I'm sick. And I'm not too happy about it. It's Easter weekend. 4 long days of no school, and my body decides to give into the illness on these 4 days, INSTEAD of during school. It'd be especially good if i got sick this week, cause we have a book report due. I won't describe my progress on this book report-- i think you get the picture. Anyway. It really bugs me how I ALWAYS, ALWAYS GET SICK ON WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS!!!! What did i do to deserve this? I'm not blaming the person(s) who passed this fever/cold onto me. I really like these person(s) who gave me the fever/cold to begin with. I don't knwo who they were, but most of the time I LOVE being sick, as weird as it may sound. I get undivided attention, I get to lay on the couch in front of the TV for a whole day with everyone groveling at my feet! (ok, i exaggerated on that one) But if i am still sick during our quebec trip, i will NOT be happy. And i think i'm finished with this rant for now.


Some people in this world like to lie. And I don't understand why they do it. It's as if they don't know how to handle life. And sometimes i don't understand why they choose to waste their whole lives making other ppl miserable. And some other ppl waste even more time, "sweating the small stuff". I used to hate that saying, but now it keeps coming back to me, each time stronger than the last. I don't understand why SOME people (i don't know how much i can stress that word SOME) choose to pick out other ppl's smallest faults and to torture these ppl so unbelievably much about absolutely nothing! If these ppl took the time to think about their mindless banter, maybe they'd realize how stupid they're being. Then again, maybe they wouldn't. In the end, all i'm trying to say is that ppl exaggerate. And some more than others. You'd think they would somehow stop and think about the consequences, but some ppl aren't like that and they probably never will be.

*Hey everyone, i wrote the above rant when i was really pissed off about something that's over now, but i thought i'd leave it up anyway...I WARNED YOU! oh and for the ppl that think they know what i'm talking about up there, you don't cause it's not about anyone in my school. doesn't that make you feel better?*

Rant #3: Some MORE people

Well. I thought i was done dissing the human race, but obviously not. I will NEVER be done criticizing everyone. (i'm joking. or am i?) anyhow, this will be short and sweet. not. All i want to say is just because you don't like someone, suck it in and be a man (or woman). Some people take life too seriously (i mean social life. School life, you have to take seriously unless you plan to fail) And that's all for now.

Rant #4: Murders and murderers

Last night, i was watching Dateline NBC, though i'm not sure what provoked me to continue watching something so disturbing as the thing i saw. A teenager in the States killed a nine-year-old boy ten months ago in a dirty public washroom and his trial was broadcasted last night. He was pleading insane, but i thought he was sane and just plain sick. He flaunted around this killing as if it was some sort of accomplishment, and when he first got arrested and interrogated, he was eager to demonstrate on the police officer how he killed the nine-year-old. The trial went on, showing video clips from the interrogation at the police station and it made me sick how excited the guy seemed. They got several shrinks to tell the jury if he was insane or not, and 2 said he was insane, while the other 4 said he was not. Suddenly, near the end of the trial, the boy goes up onto the stand and says that he doesn't regret what he did and if the chance came up agian, he'd do it in a second. He continued to say that he is trying to free us all from the hell that we're supposedly in. He said that he doesn;t care if he gets the death penalty, that's what he wants. His exact words were, "Execute me." Well, he was given the death penalty. And when this was announced, do you care to know what he did? He smiled. He got his way. I have no opinion (surprisingly wnough) on the death penalty, actually, i lean towards the side that says it's sometimes necessary. But should you really give a criminal what they want? In this case, he wanted to die. Why let him have his way? It doesn't make sense to me why people who are so selfish to kill other human beings for their own pleasure should get what they want. When you kill someone, you give away your life. That's it-- you have no more choices in life if you even want to call it a life. I'm getting a bit off topic now, but this just bugs me so much...Especially when i saw what happened to the little 9-year-old's family after this. His parents got divorced-- they had to blame each other for this. His mother is so obsessed with this, she kept every newspaper clipping she could find and made a scrapbook so she could somehow accept the fact that her child, her own flesh and blood, was killed for someone else's own pleasure. i think i'll end it at this, but as long as there are people in the world who find pleasure in killing others, i will never stop getting that same feeling of anger when i see a murder trial.

Rant #5: More murders and the american police

I watch too much tv. I was watching 48 Hours:Unsolved Mysteries and they were talking about this 12-year-old girl named Stephanie Crowe who was killed and they couldn't figure out who did it. They accused his brother, Michael and his friends Josh and Aaron of premeditated murder because Michael lied and "confessed" to the police after they questioned him for 12 hours straight. Three drops of Stephanie Crowe's blood were found on another man's sweater, and the police didn't see this until the defense attorney requested to see the man's sweater. I got really pissed off at the american police for ignoring such an important clue in this case, so I wrote this:

What is justice? justice- n. Behaviour to oneself or another which is strictly in accord with currently accepted ethical law or as degreed by legal authority.

When a murder takes place, and the killer is on trial, who should justice be served to? The victim's greiving family? Or the accused, who could possibly be innocent? The police claim to serve justice to both, but in these situations, it is basically impossible. What goes on in the interrogation room? The accused don't have many rights when it comes to that and the officers can basically beat the suspects up until their mental state is unhealthy and they think the only way to get off the hook is to lie. Why don't the police consider ALL suspects before putting innocent people on trial? Maybe they're lazy. Maybe they make a lot of mistakes. Maybe they think they're always right. But how can justice be served when the accused is the victim's older brother? What is going through these officers' minds when they see these cases? Did they honestly think that a 14-year-old as innocent as Michael Crowe would kill his 12-year-old sister because of something so unrealistic as sibling rivalry? Why did the officers pressure Michael and his friend Josh in interrogation? They were pressured separately for over 12 hours each. They figured the only way to get the officers off their backs would be to lie. The officers beat these boys up so much that it made them lie. Three drops of Stephanie Crowe's blood were found on another man's sweater. Why was this ignored? Why were Michael, Josh and Aaron on trial? Why wasn't this mentally unstable man on trial? His history is much more worse than the histories of Michael, Josh and Aaron combined. Because they are innocent. They're being accused of something they didn't do at such a young age. Why did the Crowe family have to go through this? They already went through the pain of losing their daughter, of thinking that their daughter was brutally murdered while they slept, blaming themselves, thinking of all the reasons that they couldn't wake up to save their daughter. And now they have to go defend their son in court for killing his own sister. It's pathetic how ignorant the police can be. This case is a perfect example. Can we trust our safety, our children's safety in the hands of these officers? Do we dare to risk our lives and find out? To serve and protect. Catchy slogan. Maybe next time they should put it into effect. If you really were protecting Stephanie Crowe, she wouldn't be lying in a grave right now. And if you really were serving Michael Crowe, he wouldn't be on trial for killing his own sister. And the man who did would be rotting away in a jail cell like he should be.

Hey, I warned you that it would be don't take this too literally...and don't automatically think that who know who SOME PEOPLE are. Because when you think you know me, you might not know me at all...

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