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Ok if you know me well enough, you know about my powerpuff girls obsession. I love them. It's the best show ever (along with sponge bob square pants) and the powerpuff girls are the most kickass kindergarteners i know, next to my sister jessica :P. SOO, since i deleted the powerpoint presentation i did on them (yes, i did a presentation on them) i figured i'd stick some of the preety pictures up here...

this is bubbles. she's my favourite. she rocks.

here's some more of bubbles.

aw bubbles, don't cry! jk

this is buttercup. she's tough. also cool.

buttercup is funny :P

here's the PPG with professor utonium...

hehe this is mojojojo...he's evil...he rocks's some sound clips of him, he's giggling and then there's mojo gloating this is funny, lol...anyway i'll add more later...buhbye