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What kind of loser are you to actually come here? j/k...anyway, These are some of my many obsessions in life, and this list is everchanging....

  1. good charlotte
  2. raver bracelets- no, scratch that- ANY bracelets
  3. punk music in general (happy punk, though)
  4. lip smackers, and any kind of lip balm
  5. the paul frank monkey (julius) ...go here to see him...
  6. glitter
  7. guitar magazines
  8. jellybellys (don't even get me started)
  9. my hair (the hair on my head, you sickos)
  10. fleecy peach scented dryer sheets (yes, i am screwed up)
  11. actually, anything peach scented except the calgon body mist peach one-- that one just smells NASTY
  12. joel from good charlotte (even tho i scared him....i'm sure he loves me...:P) (actually, not, but whatever)
  13. that song 'i'm afraid of britney spears' by LiveOnRelease (see the lyrics here )
  14. australia
  15. new found glory
  16. not to pic faves, but *cough* I LOVE JORDAN CHAD and CYRUS (steve is ok too)
  17. black eyeliner
  18. the pink hairtie that i stole from francine
  19. the pink hairtie that ashleigh lost *tear* (it's ok asleigh, i'm just wasn't just showed that me and joel are meant to be *SOB*)
  20. the computer (yes, i am a geek, leave me alone)
  21. nail polish (preferable my black crackle one)
  22. and, in case i forgot GOOD CHARLOTTE :P

that's all i can think of for now....buhbye