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launch interview with jon and tony

On October 24, guitarist Jon Siebels and drummer Tony Fagenson of the pop-rock trio Eve 6 joined LAUNCH for a most entertaining online chat. Who knew that the secret to Tony's success is a potent combination of cheese and Vaseline? Or that the Eve 6 guys get into a tickling/cuddling session before each gig? Or that Tony is a former paddle tennis champ? Or that vocalist/bassist Max Collins is such a slob? Or that Tony has a thing for Beyoncé from Destiny's Child? These scandalous truths and half-truths and much, much more are revealed in the following chat on:

launch_eve_6: Jon: Hi everybody, this is Jon.

kathismc: when is your next tour

launch_eve_6: Jon: It is starting at the end of next week, November 3, in Gainesville, Florida. It's throughout the South and then two weeks in Canada, leading up to the holidays. I know we will go to Japan and Europe after and more in the States after that.

Timberz69: I've always had a thing for drummers...John, is 16 too young for you? :)

launch_eve_6: Jon: 16 is too young. And I'm not a drummer. I play guitar. Ha ha. Ask Tony when he gets here.

EASH_GIRL: what is the one thing you miss about home when you are on the road

launch_eve_6: Jon: Just being able to sleep in my own bed, I guess.

kathismc: what cd is in your player at this exact moment?

launch_eve_6: Jon: It's this band At The Drive-In. They are awesome.


launch_eve_6: Jon: Boxer briefs, actually.

everlong6775: what was your favorite band to tour with on the summersault2000 tour? by the way you guys played a great show

launch_eve_6: Jon: Thank you. We had a lot of fun with Treble Charger, who we are going to do a co-headlining tour with in Canada.

Timberz69: HI guys! My name's Erin and i just wanna say that i really love you! [especially JON]! how do you feel when you hear fans say that?

launch_eve_6: Jon: It feels good, it feels cool but it's also kind of scary. Heh heh.

ismudged: Are there any songs you've gotten sick of performing?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Yeah, a couple of songs off the old record. "Saturday Night" we never play anymore.

jason44_44: Do you guys have a favorite song to play live?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Yeah, I think "Amphetamines" off the new record.

kathismc: do you feel napster is helping or destroying your career

launch_eve_6: Jon: It's helping. I could go on for a year, but we've found that a lot of people have been turned on to us who wouldn't have been.

bizkit3dollarbillyall: why did it take you so long to put out your new albem?

launch_eve_6: Jon: We toured for a long time, we were out for 14 months. Then we took a month or two off before we wrote the new album. There wasn't a lot of down time for us.


launch_eve_6: Jon: A dog. All you do is eat, sleep, sh-t, run around. No concerns in life. Go for a walk. Heh heh.

ismudged: So, have you decided not to do a video for OTRA? If so, why? And will it be released as a CD single?

launch_eve_6: Jon: We haven't decided about a video; it will depend on how well it does. We probably won't put out a commercial single.

slc_snowchick: Which band member gets on your nerves the most??

launch_eve_6: Jon: They both get on my nerves equally, which is not that much. Heh heh.

cicero_deguzman: How did you get your name?

launch_eve_6: Jon: It's from an early X-Files episode--the "Eve" episode, you can rent it and see.


launch_eve_6: Jon: I probably will, yes. It's presently blue.

music_18_girl: what solo artists and bands do you like?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Elliott Smith I like. I really like the new Richard Ashcroft record as well. The Pixies and Built To Spill.

soakedincinamon: What will the next single after OTRA be?

launch_eve_6: Jon: It's going to be "Here's To The Night," and there will be a video for it.

stephanieeve6: Jon, Hi .. When you were touring with Good Charlotte .. Did you ever get a chance to hear thier CD?? .. If so .. Do you like it?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Yes and yes. I also think they are really cool guys and we are hopefully going to tour with them again.

tata_fl: How do you think your latest album is different than your first?

launch_eve_6: Jon: I think that the first album is a little more basic; with the new album, we expanded and tried some stuff we wouldn't have normally tried. We're just better songwriters now.

twink1130: I hear stories of fans finding you after shows - are you easy to approach?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Ha ha. Yeah, we always hang out a long time after shows and sign autographs by the bus.

precious_285: You guys are awesome!!! If you weren't in a band what would you be?

launch_eve_6: Jon: That's a very good question. I've never been anything but in a band so I don't know....Tony has arrived!

launch_eve_6: Tony: Word, word, word up. Word up to yo momma.

maxanimatedvixen: Any plans to make a meet & greet for members of the fanclub any time soon?

launch_eve_6: Tony: Yes, indeed. A lot of shows on the next tour we are going to have fanclub meet-and-greets. Keep checking the fanclub board at

coocoo4_cocopuffs: TONY, WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD?

launch_eve_6: Tony: I think everyone is waiting to hear me say this: Cheese.

ismudged: Tony wrote that the posts on the website MBs provide "hours of amusement"; how much time do each of you actually spend online?

launch_eve_6: Tony: A lot. I leave the computer up downloading files from Napster.

launch_eve_6: Jon: 24 hours a day.

jason44_44: Do you like touring in the US or the World better?

launch_eve_6: Jon: U.S., U.S., U.S.!

launch_eve_6: Tony: For the most part I agree, because we've had most of our notoriety in the States. But Japan was awesome.

launch_eve_6: Jon: Europe is difficult to tour in.

jaxzilla684: What kind of obstcales did Eve 6 have to overcome to become so popular??

launch_eve_6: Jon: I think that it's like when those things are happening there are everyday obstacles, but it's not just one thing that happened. It's little things in everyday life that seem larger.

launch_eve_6: Tony: Trying to get people to take us seriously because we were a young band and we didn't have anything important to say. We did, and that was the challenge--to get people to listen to the music and see what we are about. We have come a long way in the last two or three years.

enemyy2k: What do you do before a show to get pumped up?

launch_eve_6: Tony: Listen to Weezer.

launch_eve_6: Jon: We also tickle each other and we cuddle.

launch_eve_6: Tony: We give each other lots of love to prepare for a show.

c_scoledge: do u play any sports when u where younger

launch_eve_6: Jon: I played baseball in elementary and junior high school.

launch_eve_6: Tony: I used to play paddle tennis, seriously.

music_18_girl: i want to be a singer,what advice do you have for people like me who want o become a singer?

launch_eve_6: Tony: Singer or musician, perform in front of people as early as you can.

launch_eve_6: Jon: You learn more in front of an audience.

eve6angel: After touring for such a long time to promote Horrorscope, how does it feel to finally get a rest? And are you anxious to start back up again soon?

launch_eve_6: Jon: We definitely needed the time off, but we are getting antsy.

launch_eve_6: Tony: We are looking forward to it; the last four months were great.

twink1130: Who would be your ideal opening act?

launch_eve_6: Tony: That's a tough question. A band that has a unique sound and that's not cheese-rock. We have been lucky--bands like Lit and Wheatus have been opening for us over the past few years.

foxybug2: how did you feel the first time you heard your song on the radio? and what were you doing at the time?

launch_eve_6: Jon: We were going to listen for it. We knew it was going to be on a battle of the bands thing in Santa Barbara, so we drove as far as we needed to in order to hear it.

launch_eve_6: Tony: We cranked it really loud and had mini-orgasms.

jason44_44: Who were your guys favorite bands growing up?

launch_eve_6: Tony: I loved the Police, AC/DC, and Metallica.

launch_eve_6: Jon: In high school I liked Green Day, the Muffs, the Queers, Face To Face.

burtonbabe172000: How long have you guys been playing together?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Jon and Max about seven years, and all together about four years.

superherogurl1: what was the last cd you bought?

launch_eve_6: Tony: I just had 25 CDs stolen from my car. I just bought another 11 or 12--At The Drive-In. Everyone should buy that. Travis, Madonna.

launch_eve_6: Jon: The new Green Day record, actually.

ismudged: Why'd Tony decide to dye his hair black?

launch_eve_6: Jon: I think he did that because the light overtones weren't working with his skin tone.

launch_eve_6: Tony: I wanted to step into the new millennium with a new look. 'Nuff said.

precious_285: You guys are awesome!! How did you get signed?

launch_eve_6: Jon: We had someone who did a college radio who started managing us, and she knew someone at RCA, and that's how they heard about us. They came and saw us play, liked us, and signed us.


launch_eve_6: Jon: A Pinto.

launch_eve_6: Tony: An electric Ford.

launch_eve_6: Jon: I changed my mind. I would be a 1985 I-Roc Camaro, gold with a bra and a T-top.

eve6metony: tony, of all that you guys have accomplished as a band what are you most proud of?

launch_eve_6: Tony: Just being able to survive in this crazy industry and making music that people are relating to and enjoying. There's not one specific accomplishment, just the whole package has been great.

jason44_44: Is it true that Max never cleans himself?

launch_eve_6: Jon: He cleans himself, just not his clothes.

cicero_deguzman: What's a girl group that you guys would love to work with?

launch_eve_6: Tony: I'd "work" with Beyoncé from Destiny's Child.

twink1130: How do you deal with obsessive fans?

launch_eve_6: Jon: We don't have any.

launch_eve_6: Tony: We lock them up, torture them, and drag them around the country. Tie them under the bus. Solitary confinement.

daydreamer_9: where's your favorite place to play live?

launch_eve_6: Jon: 9:30 Club in D.C.

launch_eve_6: Tony: The Moore Theater in Seattle, the Roxy in Atlanta.

launch_eve_6: Jon: The Fillmore in San Francisco.

Sharesa_69: How did you guys meet and how old were you?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Max and I met in 9th grade, we were 14 or 15. We met Tony when we were 16.

daydreamer_9: do you have any idea on who's going to tour with you in november?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Wheatus, for sure.

launch_eve_6: Tony: We are still figuring out the third act.

precious_285: what's the weirdest thing a fan had ever done for you?

launch_eve_6: Tony: Thrown themselves in front of the bus, saying, "Take me with you or you will have to run me over!" So we ran her over. One casualty in the war with our fans.

blind_horizon: Jon-Are you endorsed by Guild guitars or you just like them?

launch_eve_6: Jon: I am endorsed by them, and it's because I like them.

insrtwittyname: did you always what to play guitar in a band while you were growing up, or was there something else you wanted to do?

launch_eve_6: Jon: There wasn't really anything else I wanted to do. When I was little I didn't want to be in a band, because my dad was a musician and he was never home.

ismudged: Why don't we ever get to see Jon's tat?

launch_eve_6: Jon: You're not looking hard enough.

superherogurl1: have you been to any concerts besides your own lately?

launch_eve_6: Tony: Actually, no. I wanted to see Radiohead on Friday, but I couldn't do it. We were trying to get Deftones tix for tonight, but I assume we aren't going.

pussycatpunk: you guys are very talented, do you feel that you have strayed away from your punk roots

launch_eve_6: Jon: We always strayed from that, even when we started out. We didn't really fit in with straightahead punk bands.

launch_eve_6: Tony: It influenced us, but we were never a full punk band, so we never really strayed.

eve6angel: Tony, is cheese really your lifeforce?

launch_eve_6: Tony: (laughs) Yes, cheese and Vaseline.

V_BALL_GIDGET: what do you all do in your spare time?

launch_eve_6: Tony: See above.

roxychic_23322: will amphetamines ever be a single

launch_eve_6: Both: Probably not.

soakedincinamon: What happened with the Craig Kilbourn show? ... I thought you were supposed to play a while ago? Even TV Guide confirmed it...

launch_eve_6: Jon: We all got sick when we got off the road.

launch_eve_6: Tony: We just came off a four-month tour, and Max couldn't sing and we couldn't play. We are trying to reschedule.

metallicat3112000: who is the sloppiest member of the band?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Heh heh. With Tony here on the line, I would like to vote for Max.

launch_eve_6: Tony: In agreement.

pussycatpunk: can i ask a reall question, how does it feel to be role models for other kids in bands

launch_eve_6: Tony: It's cool. We're just music fans that are lucky enough to be in this position. It's cool to know that people are looking up to us.

stephanieeve6: When you meet a fan .. Do you like it when they have an Eve 6 shirt on?

launch_eve_6: Tony: No, we hate it and insist that they take it off right away.

launch_eve_6: Both: (laughter)

launch_eve_6: Jon: I like seeing the old shirts from the first few months of touring a few years ago.

neetnevele: Are you seriously considering re-releasing the Eleventeen EP?

launch_eve_6: Jon: Yes, we are considering it. Maybe when we are done with this record.

launch_eve_6: Tony: Sometime next year.

metallicat3112000: are any of you married?

launch_eve_6: Both: No.


launch_eve_6: Jon: Captain of the football team.

launch_eve_6: Tony: We were all studs, prom kings.

launch_eve_6: Jon: Teacher's pets.

launch_eve_6: Tony: We were awkward, goofy musician studs.

launch_eve_6: Jon: Go to, we update it regularly and it's a lot cooler than some other websites out there. Thanks for coming and see you at the shows.

launch_eve_6: Tony: Thanks again, everyone, and listen for our new single "On The Roof Again." Be on the lookout for it and come see us play--we love you.