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gc, baby

For all of the not-so-bright people in the world, good charlotte are a band. And for all the even stupider (haha) people out there, i am really, really, really, really, really, really obsessed with them. I saw them last saturday (may 5) @ the warehouse, and i met all of them and got my gcgirls shirt signed and then me and francine talked to paul for like 15 minutes...i love paul :)...he's so funny..."you're sss..ssss...sorry????" anyway, i got my pics developed but i have no scanner...when fran gets hers developed tomorrow (YAY!!) then i will be even more excited cuz her camera has the pics of us and the guys...if they turned out :(. anywho, i'll put some real info on gc here...

gc are...

Billy Martin
Joel Combs
Benji Combs
Paul Thomas
Aaron Espolopio (sorry i can't spell his name)

ya. they're from waldorf/naptown maryland (east coast baby) and they're all in their early 20s except billy is 19. They are the coolest and nicest band i have ever met (except joel was sorta terrified of me. i could tell, even tho he was being sorta nice. but not as nice as paul <3 i like paul better.) and if u haven't heard of them u should really give them a chance. anywho that's all for now i'll add more later...