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.:gc/mxpx:. //May 5th 2001\\

HERE'S MY GC EXPERIENCE....that's all...

OK. I saw gc play may 5 @ the warehouse in toronto with mxpx and ultimate fakebook. I apologize in advance about how long this will probably be, but it was really exciting...Me and fran got there half an hour before doors opened because we were scared for some reason that no one would be there because we didn't know any canadian gc fans...yeah, we were dumb. we still are. it was already lined up around the block. so when we were about 15 minutes away from getting in to the warehouse, i saw these guys walk past us, and i said, "Hey, that guy really looks like Paul from gc..." and fran goes, "Hey, that looks like Aaron!" Being the dumbasses we are, it took us a while to realize that good charlotte (minus benji and joel) were right beside us...but they were already gone...i was pretty pissed...i beleive my exact words were, "from now known as STUPID". as i said i was mad. when we were getting strip searched (i make it sound like it was fun or was not)(they threw out my water andd i had to drink nasty sewer/lake shit...), billy pushed past us and as soon as we were finished, we ran after him...he went to ask the guy behind the tshirt stand if he could take over and then he had to walk around....i was in his way (it was an accident--im a klutz)and he tripped over my foot and fell on top of me...he started apologizing like crazy as if it was his fault when it was all mine (but i swear i did not do it on purpose...i'm not smart enough to plot something like that) ...anyway, he went behind the tshirt stand and sold me my tshirt and then signed it...then he left...only signed my shirt :) (IN YOUR FACE FRAN!) (jk...i let u get your pic...leave me alone with my joel pic...)...then we went to see ultimate fakebook...i didn't really like them...altho the mr.clean guy was funny...when they were almost done, i got ready to push my way up to the front for gc...i was almost up against the the girl who was in front of me: next time, wear a hair tie. while we were anxiously awaiting to coming(lol), all of a sudden, i hear "does anyone have some scissors so i can cut this girl's hair off?" ok if you don't know me, you don't understand how precious my hair is to me. so i FREAKEd out and said "oh do u want me to tie it back?" and the girl was like, "no that's ok, i was just joking, but if it gets in my way, it's coming off..." and then her very hot bf was like, "see the nice girl offered t hair back..." and then he sees the cameras andhe's like "oo what r u taking pictures of?" well gee i wonder, genius? the ceiling? NO. and he's like, "you know, i'm in a can take my pic and then sell it when i'm famous.." and we were like, "uh, no thanks" but we were dumb cuz we could've taken that pic and had at least ONE good pic on my film...but anyway......OK, the gc show totally KICKED ASS..not that i thought it wouldn't...haha joel was so funny with all his east coast shtuff...after they were done, we RAN (literally) to the backstage area in hopes of seeing them. We didn't. Then, i had to pee and drink nasty tap water cuz i almost fainted from hyperventilation and dehydration (stupid security guards threw out my water!!) OK ya nuf bitching about that...we went to the tshirt stand again...i was wearing my shirt by this time...and then we saw JOEL!!!!!!! my sexay bitch. To be blunt, we attacked him. not totally tho. i got my shirt signed (while i was still wearing it) and a pic...that one turned out :)...then we saw benji and got crap signed and thenhis tattoo on his butt :P...and we got a pic that DIDN'T TURN OUT!!! Note to whoever took the picture: You are a loser. Learn how to take pictures!!! OK...then we met billy again, autographs, pic that didn't turn out, small talk...then we went to the bathroom and then we see Aaron!! we attacked him too...i never really thought he was hot but he sure as hell looked hot in real life! we also got a pic that DIDN'T TURN OUT!!! grr....i shouldn't have asked that stupid guy to take the pic...ya...then we went to the bathroom and fixed ourselves up again in case of any other encounters...then we went out and the loser Hi thing happened which i will not get into here...and i was mad cuz i only needed paul's autograph and then i would have my shirt signed by all of gc :)...then OUT COMES PAUL!!! I was so happy...i didn't used to like paul that much, but after we got autographs, we came back and then we talked to him for like 20 was so cool...he was so funny and sweet and amazingly nice...haha i won't get into the funny stuff we said cuz then it wouldn't be inside jokes anymore...i love paul! he is my backup sexay bitch, y'know, in case joel just doesnt do it for me anymore, lol. Ya. Then after talking to paul for a very long time which was the best time of my life (other than the semi-hug i got from joel) paul made us go see mxpx...he's like, "you know mxpx are really good" and i was like, "yeah, i know" and he's like, "mike's not bad looking" i just nodded insanely, and was almost convinced (i love mike), and he was like, "i've seen him half-naked" and this other funny stuff and if i remembered it all, i would write it...sadly i forgot :(...but yeah, then he hugged us both really hard :) and we went out to see mxpx...but we just sat on the ground cuz this mosh pit was WILD and i was tired and bruised and yeah...then, as we were sitting, benji comes next to fran and was standing there talking to someone, and i was like, "TOUCH HIM!" and fran was like "NO" and i said "TOUCH HIM!" possibly a bit too loud and then fran did the famous poking of the shoe and she started poking benji's little velcro shoes :P and i don't really remember much else of the night...sadly...but it was so much fun...and yeah...after that night we weren't too excited about the sum 41 concert at the el mocambo but it was almost better (but not quite cuz stevo 32 is still a mean ugly bastard) (HEAR THAT STEVE???) (jk) but sum 41 experience will be up soon (well, not soon, whenever i'm as bored as i am now)...go home you fool :P