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This is a really really funny sound clip from the PPG episode when Bubbles thought she was Mojo Jojo...and she started talking like him and it's really funny...i'll put the sound clip up later but for now i wrote it out (yes, i'm bored) ok here it is:

"I am not Bubbles
Bubbles is not my name
For the name Bubbles is not the correct name to address me by
Because it is not my name
If you were to adress me by the name *Mojo Jojo* that would be correct
For my name is *Mojo Jojo* and i will ONLY be addressed by that name which is *Mojo Jojo*
And, furthermore, it is not WE who will rule the world, it is I, I being *Mojo Jojo*
Who is not Bubbles, shall rule this world alone, which is to say without anybody else, and without anybody else shall I rule this world
And, when this world is ruled, by only one person, not a collective group, but one person who shall be ruling the world, will be none other than me, MOJO JOJO!!!
Some guy: "Aw, shut UP!"

hehehehehe...........ok that's it